My Toy Story

When G was around 6 months old, I felt bad because he only had 2 or 3 toys so I went to Babies R Us and picked up a few more.

Well, those 'few more' have spawned, and now we have this:

The toybox has vomited. (And our cat, Boris, is striking quite the pose).

This doesn't even account for all the toys. I packed up a boxful a few days ago and put it in a closet. So they'll be 'new' to G in a few months time.

I was looking at the toys today and realized most of them are from my mother, G's Gigi. She is the queen of consignment stores - so I don't feel AS guilty as she's not spending all her money on new toys.

Seriously, it's getting ridiculous. This morning, I stepped on the Little People's Noah's Ark, my foot slid across the wood floor, and I ended up in the splits.

Which is NOT good as I haven't been able to do the splits since I was 18.

B has instituted a new rule - if Gigi brings new stuff for G, she must also take back an equal amount. So far, this hasn't happened.

Looking at all the hard work we - er, I mean B - did on the living room, it's sad that our new interior decorator is Fisher Price.

I need a piece of furniture for this area. This makes me swoon. Sigh. But cash flow is an issue these days, so I'm keeping my eyes on the CL. That would be Craigslist.

Anybody have any creative solutions they've used to tame the toy takeover?

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Money Jenny said...

Look for some used lockers. Have B built you a base for them that sticks out further than the lockers (and put dividers in the base for baskets or something like that), then he can screw the lockers down to the base. You could paint the fronts of the lockers with chalkboard paint and the sides in bright colors. I think you can maybe find them at Hardware Sales or Re-Store, or keep an eye out for Craigs List ads for them.