Tightwad Tuesday: Freezer Food - Breakfasts

I like cereal out of a box. But not for breakfast. If I'm going to eat breakfast, I want something hot. And with a small child, finding time to make anything wholesome and fresh in the morning is sometimes impossible.
Convenience food is tempting - it's so easy to throw it in the toaster or microwave. Unfortunately it's a budget (and diet) killer.
Last year, when I was still working, I went on an oatmeal bender. I don't like the little packages but found this great frozen oatmeal at Trader Joe's. I got to thinking, how hard can it be to make this from scratch? So I did. Here's the link to the recipe for freezer oatmeal. It's healthy, filling, inexpensive and quick. Did I mention inexpensive?
Something else I started doing was making extra waffles and pancakes on the weekend and freezing them as well. G is obsessed with waffles, and I like that I can control what goes into the ones I make from scratch. How do you do it? Simple - make your favorite waffles or pancakes. Under cook them slightly. Layer individual waffles/pancakes between waxed paper, seal in a freezer bag and throw into the freezer.
When you're ready to use them, take out what you're going to eat and throw it in the toaster. That's it - so simple!
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