Well, okay. It's kind of a leash.
Actually, I think the term is HARNESS? A leash goes around the neck.
This clearly is a harness.

And see, they even try to make it cute by putting a monkey on it...A MONKEY BACKPACK.

How can there be anything sinister about a monkey backpack?

We were at the zoo today for B's birthday, and I was a few paces behind my guys. I overheard these two older women 'discussing' my child being harnessed.

Let's say they found it a bit inhumane.

Well, LADIES, what's more inhumane - keeping close tabs on your child or letting them run off like a shot through the crowd? Hmmmm? What's that? OH YEAH. That's what I thought.

I do not have one of those children who clings or stays close to mommy and daddy. I have a very willful, high spirited and independent child. Did I mention fast? And one day, those traits will serve him well.

But for now, he's wearing the harness. The cute MONKEY BACKPACK harness. Cute and safe. I like it.


megant599 said...

I like it too! It lets hime be independent and a big boy walking on his own without the terror of him running through a crowd...or the back strain of holding his hand the whole time..like that would work!

Vrieling Mom said...

I have had this on my list for awhile!! Carter so Need one!! na my 3 year old should get one..

Heather D said...

Fred Meyer. Best $14 I've ever spent!

Kim said...

I so wanted one of those when Sam was younger. I have a very independent boy.

Melissa said...

I think it's adorable. I just had a convo with C about this last night and we both agree with you. This is such a safer choice and it gives him so much more practice with walking and balance. I think that other people worry too much about what others are doing and they're probably just jealous they didn't have it with their kids or they don't have kids and don't know what it's like to have a little busy body. I'm so defensive and I would have had a hard time hearing someone comment about one of my parenting choices. I would have probably said something. Good for you for taking it with stride.