... my new blog design.
Isn't it FAB?
Thank you so much to Beth at ruby & roja for the awesome design! I sent her a photo of a bottle of gel that had the colors I liked and told her I liked retro kitsch...and she did the rest. Like I said, FAB!
If you are perhaps wondering about the eye rolling thing, well, it's a very bad habit of mine. I got in trouble when I was in first grade for rolling my eyes at my teacher (sorry Mrs. Olsen!) and I still get in trouble with my husband for rolling my eyes at him. It's involuntary, a reflex, like breathing. I am in a constant state of sarcasm.
So this is my grand re-opening, my blog warming party! Say hi if you're stopping by.
I'm not rolling my eyes at YOU. I promise.


Andrea said...

Very nice. I love the colors.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

That is awesome!


Heather said...

Love the knew blog layout. Very very nice!

megant599 said...

Glad I got my internet working again. I was going through sass withdrawls (and dooce withdrawls too!) I like the new design! Congrats on the weight loss. Now I want to shred too!