In the Blogging Closet.

Confession time.

Not too many people in my life know I have a personal blog. They know I have a blog for my son, but that is something I keep separate. It's highly edited. As in, a few photos and sentences - because I'm guessing that's probably what that audience wants.

Why do I not openly tell others about my blog?

I ask myself that a lot. One conclusion I've come to is that I kind of dig the anonymity of saying what I want to say without having to come face to face with whomever is reading my rants. I do have a few friends who read, and who are very supportive.

Also, there's the part about how I'm trying to protect my fragile little ego. I'm not great at putting myself out there. I love constructive criticism, but am terrified of what people are REALLY thinking. Such as the incidence when I was still working and was chatting with a male coworker. Randomly he says 'Man, I think blogging is so narcissistic.'

I could have piped in and told him I had a blog. But that comment really stuck. It made me a little ashamed.

Am I narcissistic? It's possible. I pound out a bunch or randomness on my keyboard, not thinking to much about if it's actually readable or interesting. I HOPE others enjoy what I write.

Mostly, it's about writing. Getting stuff off my chest I feel I have to say but maybe don't have another arena in which to vent. Connecting with other people - because sometimes I feel kind of isolated as a stay at home mom. Exercising my brain - forcing myself to sit down and put something down on virtual paper.

Maybe someday I'll send out a big old group email to everyone on my contact list - 'Hey, check out my blog!'

But not today. For now, I'll keep on letting people stumble into it, and hope they keep coming back.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, I am SO excited to be the first person to comment in your closet!

Can I stay in here for a while? At least until my kids find me?

: )


Andrea said...

Well, I had an old blog I had to abandon to escape a certain stalker so... I don't really blame you ;) I'm just waiting for the day she finds me again...

Heather D said...

Andrea, now I'm intrigued.