Yay, Autumn!

To be perfectly honest, I am a summer person, but for the first few weeks of fall, I kind of cheat on summer as my favorite. It's hard to resist all the changing leaves, that distinct crisp fall smell, feeling like you are entitled to curl up on the couch with a book for an afternoon (okay, not so much now that baby is here). I'm even considering baking...seeing all those pumpkins in the grocery store gives me a yen for some pumpkin bread.
Most of all, I love fall clothes. Love love love! All the yummy textures - tweeds and courdoroys - they're so much more forgiving than the revealing clothes of summer.
Right now I'm obsessing over finding the perfect sweater dress and tall boots.
For the dress, I'm envisioning cable knit, in an earth tone. Long sleeves, about three inches above the knee. My search so far has been fruitless, though I'm sure if I wanted to drop $300, I could find something.
Boots are a little easier. Something a little equestrian in some nice, soft buttery brown leather. The challenge these days is I need something a little wider in the calf. I have a few pairs of tall boots in my closet that sadly will not zip. I wonder if you can stretch them...
So, if anybody has any leads on said items, let me know! I'm a little dress obsessed these days. I'm loving jersey too - wash and wear! I never was really into dresses before, but since I'm still eschewing waistbands, they fit the bill.


Stuff I Never Knew I Needed...

and may not be able to live without.

Bacon salt? Yes, apparently this is already on grocery shelves, and the same company is releasing Baconnaise (bacon flavored mayo) later this month. I have to admit, I'm intrigued. I love me some bacon.

I was on Drugstore.com and noticed the area at the bottom with new featured products. The Va-Jay-Jay Visor was one of those items. Marketed as the first 'cup for women', it's supposed to protect your lady parts while tanning, tattooing, waxing, or trying on swimwear. But does it protect your dignity? Hmmm.

And, believe it or not, both of these products were developed in Washington. I am SO proud!