Ready. Set. GO!

Today, January 31, officially kicks off my training with Team Shrinking Jeans and Team in Training for the San Diego Rock & Roll Half Marathon.


Am I scared? Uh, yeah. But not as much as I thought I'd be. Our coach, Coach Joe, is so awesome. In fact, the whole Team in Training support team is - um - AWESOME. We have guidance through everything: the training, the fund raising.

With that much backup, it's hard NOT to feel confident.

Today, I visited the site of my honored hero, Shelby.

I am running this race in her honor. She has an amazing story - diagnosed with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia at four, three years of chemo and considered cured in 2007. Today, she is a beautiful, vibrant fourteen year old. Unfortunately, she does suffer from lingering effects of her treatment - but through it all, she maintains a positive outlook.

Perspective, people. If Shelby can beat ALL, and remain positive through her day to day struggles, I can train hard, finish the race and raise a ton of money for people like Shelby - for research, to aid in their treatment, to make THEIR lives better.


You know it's coming. And I'm going to become more and more obnoxious as the fund raising deadline approaches.

Do you have a few bucks to spare? I know money is tight right now, but it's TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

You need more? Here are some reasons you should consider giving to LLS:
  • An estimated 912,938 people in the United States are living with, or are in remission from, leukemia, Hodgkin lymphoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma or myeloma.
  • Every four minutes, someone new is diagnosed with blood cancer.
  • Every 10 minutes, someone dies.
  • Leukemia causes more deaths than any other cancer among children under the age of 20.
  • Lymphomas are the most common blood cancers and incidence increases with age.
  • The survival rate for myeloma is only 37.1 percent.
What does the LLS do with the funds raised? Glad you asked - here's a snippet from the Team in Training website:

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is the world's largest voluntary health organization dedicated to funding blood cancer research and providing education and patient services. We have invested more than $680 million in research since 1949 - over $69 million in 2009 - specifically targeting leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. Last year alone, LLS made 4.9 million contacts with patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals.

Wow. How humbling and inspiring to be part of this effort!

And. And and and....

I'm going to sweeten the deal. Every donation between today and the end of February (that's the 28th) will be entered into a drawing for either a $25 dollar gift card to Amazon, or an amazing coffee gift pack of my favorite Seattle coffees! Winner gets to choose!

How to donate?

Make a secure credit card donation here, on my Team In Training fund raising page.

Send me a check made out to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society - email me at heather@shrinkingjeans for snail mail info.

Lastly, if you own a business - The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans is offering amazing advertising opportunities - and all proceeds go directly to LLS. Please email me if you'd like a copy of our media kit.

Whew! Thanks for reading. That is all...for now.


Faking It

It's been a while since I've done an angsty post. So brace.

I have a question. It's not rhetorical - you can definitely give me advice.

My question is: if someone tells you news that is so incredibly beyond belief screwed up - but to them it's 'happy' news - how do you react?

Do you say 'I'm so happy for you!' or 'Congratulations!'. Do you bite your tongue and bury all the things you really want to say? Do you simmer inside till you feel like you're going to burst with sheer incredulity?

When I get super duper angry, I have this reaction - maybe you get it too - I think it might be fight or flight...adrenaline. My legs tingle and almost go numb. My energy surges. My stomach aches.

That's how I feel right now. I have spent most of my life biting my tongue when something is not right. It's only been recently that I've spoken up. And mostly to deaf ears.

Ugh. If this 'news' were just affecting the person that is sharing it, well, I wouldn't mind so much. People can do WHATEVER they want - to themselves. But when it starts affecting innocent lives. No. No no NO.

I will go for a run. I will clear my head. I will decide how I should have this - handle myself - handle my feelings.

I wish I didn't care.



Just as cabin fever was about to set in and we were all about to lose our minds, mother nature decided to throw us a bone and the weather turned absolutely beautiful (what up, El Nino?)

We've been sitting comfortably in the mid 40's to 50's, with sun. In January. This time last year? Yeah, I don't want to talk about it. It was a rough winter.

With all the sun, we've been hitting up the park as much as possible...not our usual haunt, but another park about a mile and a half from our house - so mommy gets a three mile run in, and the kiddo gets to run amok and let go of some of that endless energy.


And even in the bleakness of winter, there is color...

natural color...

artistic color...

playful color.

The promise of spring is in the air, and many, many more afternoons at the park. I can hardly wait!

For more colors, check out You Capture over at I Should Be Folding Laundry.



Share the Happy!

Aw, shucks! My darling Lissa over at Whooo's That Girl tagged me with this sweet award! And, she doesn't know it (till now) but I owe her big time, cause it gave me something to write about today. Muah!

So, here are the instructions:

1. Copy the image and display it on your blog.
2. List 10 things that make you happy.
3. Try to do at least one of them today.
4. Pass on the award to 10 bloggers who brighten your day.

What makes ME happy?

Coffee. I know it's probably a caffeine addiction, but I can't sub soda or tea for my beloved coffee. So maybe it really IS the way it tastes. The way it smells. How my temperamental coffee pot grumbles to life as it brews that sweet, sweet nectar...

Farmers Markets. Probably because they coincide with spring and summertime. And the best part of autumn. All the colors and smells. Getting to eat produce that's actually local and in season, rather than imported from places I'll probably never even go in my lifetime (not that I wouldn't go to Chile, but I'm not sure the opportunity will ever present itself).

Footie Jammies. ON CHILDREN ONLY (don't get me started on the creepiness of adults in footie jammies. And if you wear them, sorry. But it's creepy! More so on guys. Ok, rant over). There is nothing more snuggly than a baby or small child in footie jammies.

Soup. There is something super comforting about having a huge pot of soup simmering on the stove top. I love making a ton so I always have soup in the freezer. It's a go-to meal for me. When I feel like I've overindulged throughout the day, when I'm chilly, when I'm down in the dumps. Soup is healing. I'm convinced.

Little Kid Voices.
I love listening to my son talk to himself in his crib, sing songs read himself books, or say 'Watchu doin', Mommy?' I'm relishing it now, before it turns into marathon whining. He's so sing-songy right now. Love it.

Reading in the Bath. Two of my favorite things, combined. Especially after a hard run. Hot bath, lavendar essential oil, tea or water and a good book or magazine. I find it's the only time I really read - if I'm in bed, I'm either passed out or watching Roseanne reruns (Nick at Night, holla!) and if I'm in the living room I'm on the computer or reading No No Yes Yes to my son for the 500th time.

Extreme weather. Okay, not weather that puts anyone in danger...but if it snows, I want it to be DEEP and stick for a while. I want to be stuck at the house. If it rains, I want a torrential downpour. If there's a river to watch flood, count me in...and I'm not dumb enough to actually drive through the water acros the roadway. I just like to watch it. If it's sunny, I want the sky to be perfectly blue and the temperature to be over 80. I want to complain about how hot it is then miss that heat when the weather turns gray and nasty. Wind? As long as there aren't any huge trees to fall on my house, bring it on. I don't even mind if the power goes out...we can cook in the fireplace!

Music. Life needs a soundtrack. That is all.

My family and friends. Without them, I'm lost. My husband keeps me grounded, and loves me when I'm not doing a very good job loving myself. My son is truly the light of my life. The rest of my family, my friends...well, I keep them around for a reason! They're amazing.

A clean, organized house. This is aspirational for me, to have both. But, some days, when I manage to pick up all the Hot Wheels and Legos, vacuum, bleach the kitchen and bathroom and wash and fold and put away all the laundry? I love those days. My house is never perfect, or even close to it, but my version of clean works for me.

And now to share the happy - I'm passing this award on to ten bloggers who make ME happy!

Have fun, ladies!


Hey Duff, Check It.

I think I have found my new vocation.

I'm going to go work at Charm City Cakes. I think Duff would totally hire me.

Okay, maybe not.

However, I did learn a few things from my foray into cake making.

1) The professional grade food coloring is the bomb. And it also will stain your skin for a very, very long time.

2) I need a spinny platform thingy to frost properly.

3) It does not take very long to get tired of eating frosting.

4) There are a bazillion different types of decorating tips. I have a headache just thinking about it. I did manage to find one that makes grass and then found one to edge the cake and a wee one for writing. Writing, by the way, was the hardest part, by far.

5) A homemade cake - you think it would save you money - um, no. Not after purchasing all the fancy decorating tools. But at least I have them in my arsenal. They'll pay for themselves....in about 15 years.

6) Worth it? Oh, heck yes!

Look at that face! I'll go elbow deep in frosting ANY DAY for a smile like that.


Two Years Ago Today: Part II

On January 22, 2008, I started the day (or VERY early morning) staggering into the maternity ward at the hospital. But not after getting lost because we did not know where we were supposed to check in.

Did I mention we didn't take a baby class or a hospital tour? Yeah. Whoops.

Luckily, I did manage to pre-register, so when I waddled up to the check in desk, in the midst of a mind bending contraction, B was able to tell them my name and I was admitted right away.

And as soon as I got into the room, I puked. Again. Tater tot casserole. Mmmm.

There really wasn't much of a question as to whether or not I wanted an epidural, especially since I was in so much pain at 4 centimeters. I had all intentions of seeing how far I could go without drugs. For reals. But between vomiting every time I had a contraction, and the fact that I didn't seem to have any lull BETWEEN contractions (I found out later I was having back labor), I was pretty much asking my husband to draw a target on my lower back with a sharpie.

Epidural. NOW. Ahhhh.

I could have made out with the anesthesiologist.

My doctor came about an hour later and since I wasn't really progressing, he ordered pitocin. The pitocin, well, it made my contractions worse. As in I could feel them through the drugs.

Four to five hours later, I had just finally made it to an eight. They broke my water, and I was supposed to get more pitocin. But the head nurse (who was a major pain in the ass, and treated my husband like he was an idiot) made the executive decision to hold off on the pit because I was 'non-emergent'. Meaning, my baby wasn't crowning. I guess the full moon had brought in laboring women in droves. Thirteen women were admitted after I was and their babies were born before I delivered.

So, my pitocin was put on hold. And I'm pretty sure she forgot about it. Another nurse helped me roll to my other side, and then the fetal monitor sounded funny. As in, it slowed way WAY down.

I was in a haze, between the epidural and sheer exhaustion, but the look on my husbands face and the fact that my sister in law had tears in her eyes, well, I knew something was wrong.

The baby's heart rate had dropped from 160 to 80. And it wasn't coming up.

The nurses flipped me back to my other side and his heart rate came back up, slowly. Whew. But, at this point, the doctor made the decision that the baby had to come out. Immediately.

I was prepped for surgery. My mom and sister-in-law helped B get dressed in his scrubs. Poor guy - he was terrified. As was I.

The doctor who was to perform the surgery was not my regular OB, but I had met with him. And I knew I liked him - and I discovered I liked him even better when he straight off started cracking jokes in the operating room and tried to put me at ease.

It worked. Well, I'm sure being numbed from the chest down didn't hurt either. Something about being completely numb was strangely comforting for me. I know some people don't like it, but after all the previous pain, I was relieved.

Within 45 minutes of the decision to perform a C-Section, we met our little boy for the first time.

Even though the birth was disappointing, nothing could take away from the magic of the moment. He came out screaming, and peed all over the doctor. My first glimpse of him told me that he looked JUST like his Daddy.

Our George.

I can still smell that delicious baby smell, and hear the little tiny baby coos.

Today, my baby turns TWO YEARS OLD.

The sweet baby smell has been replaced by little boy smells - not bad, just different - and the little coos are now full fledged words.

'No, Mommy.'
'Mommy, watchu doin'?'
'Are you kiddin' me?' (I kid you not, he said this last week).

He's a little boy who loves dancing to Jack's Big Music Show. He jumps more than he walks. He spends a lot of time coloring at his easel...and on the walls. He's slightly obsessed with Diego. He tries to hug and kiss his dogs. He gives his Daddy high fives and is a champion snuggler. He won't eat chicken nuggets, but devours avocado, green beans and tofu with gusto.

He's the G-Rex. He's ours. He's two (Sob!).

Happy Birthday to my little man!


Two Years Ago Today: Part I

Two years ago today, I was very pregnant.

I told you. VERY PREGNANT. Ouch. Just looking at that photo makes my lower back hurt and my feet swell up.

That morning, I had a doctor's appointment where I was told I was 1 centimeter and 50% effaced.

'When?' I practically begged.

To which my doctor cheerfully replied 'Could be up to one or two weeks. We will induce you in two weeks if you haven't delivered.'

I have never been so irrationally angry in my life. I had high hopes. I'd had a weird crampy stomachache all morning - the drive to the doctor was particularly uncomfortable. Since I'd had no Braxton Hicks the entire pregnancy, I wasn't sure if that's what I was experiencing.

After getting dressed in my horrid gray velour sweatsuit (the only thing that fit me), I stormed out to my car and proceeded to call my husband, sobbing.

He didn't seem phased. I think he was used to his crazy pregnant wife at this point.

I calmed down, went and got a latte and a scone, and started feeling a little better. And incredibly nesty.

First stop, Lowes. I picked up light bulbs because I remembered we had a bunch of lights that had burned out in the house.

Next, Fred Meyer, where I picked up some totally unnecessary jammies for the baby, and stuff for dinner. I was making tater tot casserole (don't judge!), one for that night and one to freeze.

Once home, I proceeded to act like a total freaking nutjob and, on a ladder, 10 months (YES, 40 weeks is TEN months) pregnant, changed out about 12 can lights. Stupid? Totally. Did I feel like if I didn't change the light bulbs, the world would come to an end? Yes.

My mom dropped by with a glider rocker she'd picked up off of Craigslist, which was the final piece of the nursery. We unpacked a bunch of baby gear, put it away and she took care of the mountain of cardboard for me - cause if she didn't, I would have been outside in the freezing cold breaking down the cardboard with a box knife.

The whole time she was there, I was whining and crying to her. So pleasant!

She left, I cooked dinner, and froze the extra casserole. B was home soon after, and we ate - it was about 8 pm.

I wasn't feeling so hot, so I decided to sit in the tub. I got in at about 8:30. At 10:30, B came in and woke me up. The water was cold. And I felt awful.

Twenty minutes later, I was in the worst, gripping pain I'd ever had in my life. And the casserole? Yeah, that was spewed all over the bathroom.

By midnight, I had called the doctor and confirmed I was in fact, in labor. B did not know how to time contractions (we never took classes, doh!), but we figured the hospital was a good place to be, so he packed up the car, and we were off ...

Scary how vivid that memory is - but then again, I was embarking on the most amazing, rewarding journey.

More tomorrow!


When my husband and I first moved in together, a little over eight years ago, we decided we wanted to adopt some kitties. One night, he came home from work with a 'surprise'. His jacket had two lumps in the front - that were purring.

He pulled down the zipper to reveal two of the most adorable but sickly looking kittens I'd ever seen. A little tiger striped boy and a black fluffy girl with orange eyes. He had rescued them not from a shelter, but from the family of his little sister's boyfriend. The kittens and their mother had been sorely neglected (believe me, I was NOT impressed). I was immediately attached, but scared they weren't going to make it through the night.

But they did. And a vet trip, shots, worming, de-flea-ing and lots of kitten food later, they were thriving.

Boris and Bridget. They were our first children.

Now, they are eight years old. They still snuggle like they did when they were brand new. I've often wondered if animals have the capacity to love.

I'm pretty sure they do.

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This is my youngest sister-in-law.

Her name is Rachel. And in six weeks, give or take a few days (or weeks!), she's going to be a mama. She is having a little girl.

She's got the whole 'glow' thing down pat.

Yesterday, my oldest sister-in-law, Julie, and I threw her a shower. Now, Julie and I are old hat at this shower business. We've thrown too many several showers in the (gulp) eight years I've been with her brother. Baby showers, wedding showers, bachelorette parties...you name it. And to be quite honest, we usually end up in a crumpled heap on the floor afterwards. Why? Because we have a problem with doing things for people who have entitlement issues...not thankful, not grateful. No. They think they deserve it. End of story.

So, suffice it to say, we've grown a bit bitter on the whole shower thing as of late.

Until yesterday. This shower yesterday? Lovely. All around. And the very best guest of honor we've had to date.

I don't expect a huge dramatic thank you, or anything over the top. It was just, I guess, the feeling, the warmth Rachel exuded throughout the day. She was just happy. I LOVED IT. EVERY SINGLE MINUTE.

And the food? Yeah, I have to say it was amazing. And, since I wasn't in charge of the camera during the food portion - I only have one shot. The cake, a five layer bad ass of a cake. Julie made it, and it was insane. We literally only had a few crumbs to sample. We ran out of cake just as I served the last guest. Whew!

If you could pan out on the table, we had some pretty fine eats. And somehow, we had JUST the right amount of food.

We had each guest decorate a onesie for the baby. So fun (and messy). We ruined a few tablecloths - whoops.

Love this one:

And these are so sweet:

But my favorite was decorated by a seven year old - we deemed this the one that will NEVER dry what with the five pounds of paint on it. Can you read what it says?

"Littel Miss Messy." I think this may have to go in a frame. It even has strategically placed orange paint in the diaper area.

At the end, we 'sisters' got together to commemorate the day. Me, Rachel and Julie. A few years ago, this whole event may have never happened. If there was a shower, Julie and I may not have been there. But now, we're together, as a family, and we're all better for it.

Yesterday was exhausting, but incredible. My heart is full, Rachel's nursery is stocked, and I can't wait for my new niece to arrive!



So, yeah. We don't go outside much in winter here (the beautiful Pacific Northwest). It has poured rain for days.

What do we do during winter?

We hang on the couch in our jammies. We hibernate, till winter is over.

See? Even the dog doesn't want to go outside. It's nasty out there.

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'P' Fix

Yesterday, I noticed the 'p' key on my computer was sticky. As in, I had to mash it down with all my might to type a 'p'. Eventually, I avoided words containing 'p'. Logical, no?

Last night I was leading the Tworkout (twitter workout, cleverness!) for the Sisterhood during the Biggest Loser and the 'p' issue was coming to a head. It's probably not advisable to bang a key with your fist, but I was getting to that point.

This morning, I said to myself, 'Self - there has got to be a way to fix this 'p' roblem.' I googled 'how to fix a sticky key.' And a multitude of information poured forth. I chose e-How and within a few seconds, had a strategy. By strategy, I mean I popped the key off with my fingernail, blew the disgusting detritus that had built up away, and popped the key back on.

Yeah, I'm pretty handy like that.

I love the Internet. You can find a fix to ANYTHING.

Like a few months ago, I came home from shopping and realized the store had forgotten to remove the security tag from something I'd bought. GAH. Usually, not a huge issue, but it was something I'd purchased specifically for a trip, and we were leaving the next morning. I didn't have the time to go back to the store for proper removal.

Enter Internet. Within minutes, I'd found a YouTube video demonstrating how to remove security tags using two sets of pliers. No damage to the clothes. Awesome. And probably made for and totally intended for use by juvenile delinquents.

Whatever. It worked.

And the best one Internet fix yet? Homemade salve for dog ear infections (our golden retreiver has chronic ear infections - we've spent probably a grand at the vet - and the vet has yet to come up with a better solution). One tube monistat, one tube polysporin, and one tube cortaid. My cousin actually told me about this one, and I'm about to mix some up and try it - I'm at my wit's end with the vet bills and infection. Poor dog!

See? The internet's for more than blogging and playing Bejeweled...


Satan Shoes

We've been back from Vegas for almost two days now. I still don't know what day it is or where I am.

And no, it's not because I got super wasted (seriously, I didn't), or partied my ass off. No. No, everyone, it is because, officially, I am now old and boring.

There, I said it.

We were in Vegas for thirty six hours and just BEING there has completely thrown me off kilter.

I do have to cut myself a little slack - we flew out of Seattle at 6 am, which meant we had to leave our house at 3:30 am. And I couldn't get to sleep the night before till about midnight. So, we arrived in Vegas on about three hours sleep. Bad idea. Note to self - do not sleep deprive yourself BEFORE hitting the party capital of the world. Just saying.

When we arrived at our hotel (the Stratosphere, LAME, but more on that later) it was 9 am. And we were informed we could not check in till 3 pm. Six hours to kill. We left our bags with the bell desk and set off on foot to the Consumer Electronic Show. (by the way, we had to clarify WHICH convention we were in town for - there was also a huge porn awards show/convention in town - more on that later too).

The Consumer Electronics Show? SO FREAKING COOL.


The best part of the show, for me at least, were the 3-D televisions. Except the glasses you have to wear. They're very Buddy Holly. Which is okay, if you're Buddy Holly.

We hung at the show for a while, then walked and walked and walked. And walked. It was at this point that we decided we'd be taking taxis because walking in Vegas sucks. Outside, we had to navigate crazy traffic and a zillion pedestrian bridges - and the weather was pretty cool. Inside, we ended up walking in circles and getting hopelessly lost in the casinos.

Around 3:00 we returned to our hotel, which was at the VERY VERY END of the strip. With no free shuttle. We took a nap, had some snacks, and got ready for a night on the town.

I had picked up a great LBD before we left town and grabbed a strappy pair of silver heels out of the closet - I'd worn them in a wedding when I was pregnant, and I didn't recall them being uncomfortable...

[The shoes in question]

WRONG. Oh. My. Actual. Lord. About an hour in to walking around casinos looking for a fun place to have drinks and dinner, I was actually considering taking them off and walking around barefoot IN VEGAS where godknowswhat is on the ground. My feet hurt THAT BAD. We went to Walgreens looking for moleskin/cushions/painkillers. We dropped $30 on foot comfort paraphernalia (B's feet hurt too).

Did it work?

Heck no. Not even close. I was pretty much convinced my little toes were going to be severed by one of the straps of the Satan shoes.

Not to mention that the dress I wore must have looked like something the porn stars were wearing because we were invited to a party hosted by Ron Jeremy.

Here's the dress...I don't know. Maybe if I were wearing Lucite heels? (sorry for the photo quality - my old camera croaked and I don't have a handle on the new one yet - or maybe it's from that yard long daiquiri in the right of the shot).

Thinking back, we totally should have gone to the Ron Jeremy party. THAT would have been a story, for sure.

Anyhow, the night went on, and I was getting desperate about the imminent toe severing and or rage I was about to enter over the excruciating pain. We were walking out of the Bellagio (where we'd JUST MISSED the fountain show) when I saw it...

AN OPEN STORE. Urban Outfitters. Once inside, it was a veritable shoe mecca. I wanted to make out with the cashier who gave me a knowing nod when I rushed up to the register with a pair of flip flops and volunteered to take the tags off for me.

[The shoes sent from Heaven]

I felt like a new woman! I could have partied all night!

But instead, we played a little video poker, had some drinks, went back to the hotel and watched Zombieland (cool film, by the way).


The next day, more CES, more video poker, and we flew home at 8 pm. We both missed our kiddo so much. He, of course, was just fine with us gone. Typical.

I wish I had some fabulous, exciting Vegas story, but hey - I'm a pretty low key gal. I can live with that.

I cannot, however, live with the lady who spread out potty pads all over the public bathroom in the airport and was trying to coax her little dog into pooping. True story. In the human bathroom. I guess it's probably necessary before a flight - but really? REALLY?

I wish I'd snapped a picture of THAT.


My Faves of 2009: Photo Year in Review

I can't believe I've been participating in You Capture since last March. Crazy. This year was the year I really picked up my camera and made an effort to be more creative - catch different perspectives. As I click through my albums, I am so thrilled at some of the fabulous stuff I've snapped this year! Behold:

This photo is from one of my first you capture challenges. I love the photo (I still can't believe I shot this - the reflection? Wow.), but love even more where doing these challenges has brought me - I've made so many new friends, and discovered I'm a wee bit artistic - who knew (not me!)?

This was for the black and white challenge. I love all the shells! This was G-Rex's first experience at the beach. We were there for one of the lowest tides of the year. Absolutely incredible.

Last summer was the best I've ever had. One of the perks of being laid off was getting to hang with my kiddo and play in the sun! We had SO MUCH FUN. This captures our summer so perfectly!

The tea shot. I love tea. I love the colors in this photo. Now I want tea...

Hands down, my favorite shot of the entire year. A boy and his dog. And a tennis ball. LOVE.

Thanks, Beth, for making us stretch ourselves. I can't wait to see what we all capture in 2010!

For more year in review shots, head on over to I Should Be Folding Laundry.



I'm over here today.

I haven't been blogging about weight loss much or at all over here since I started contributing over at the Sisterhood, but I just have to say that I'm about 3 pounds away from losing 20 since March.


It's not going super fast, but it's going. I'm starting to see the outline of my former self. Even though I know my body will never get back to exactly where it was pre-baby, that's just fine with me.

So, that said, I just wanted to once again spread the word about our new challenge over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. It's called Rethink You Shrink, and it. is. amazing.

If you want to lose some weight...if you're trying to work on your self image...if you're trying to get in shape - check it out.

Seriously. I'm not kidding. This is some good stuff.


Milestone (Maybe)

So, guess what?

I'm going to Vegas in three days! Woot! The hubs is letting me tag along to biggest nerd herd gathering on planet earth the Consumer Electronics Show. I joke about it being all geeky and stuff, but honestly? I'm wicked excited.

On the flip side, I'm kind of freaking out because we are leaving the G-Rex behind. He is staying with my parents. It will be the longest we've ever left him. I'm sure he'll be fine. I'm the one who will be a wreck.

Did I mention I haven't fully weaned him yet? This may be the end of the nursing. Again, I'm sure he'll hardly notice, but I'll be crying...INTO MY COCKTAIL, FLYING TO VEGAS.

I can't believe I've made it this far with breastfeeding. For a long time, I wanted to at least make it to a year. Then, I decided 18 months. Now that he actually walks up and tells me 'NURSE RIGHT NOWWWWW' while yanking down my shirt, I think it's time to call it a day.

And I will be sad. I won't lie - a few anticipatory tears have already been shed. The last remnant of him being a baby will be gone. He'll be a little boy.

I don't know if I'm ready.

Can I stop time? For a little bit, at least?



Feats of Strength and Endurance

If you have a toddler or have ever cared for a toddler - or even just observed a toddler - you know they are crazy unending founts of energy. As a mother of a 'busy' child, I more than fully understand the phrase 'run ragged'.

A while back I was chasing my monkey around and was thinking there should be some kind of official competition for moms. Especially since it seems that every playgroup/family gathering/et cetera has some mom who seems to completely have her poop together.

I want to see HER under pressure.

I want to put a bunch of moms in a competition and make them actually PROVE their parenting prowess.

This matching of wits and wrangling shall be called - wait for it - the Mamalympics.

Some potential events?

- Getting toys out of packaging. There is a special place in hell for whoever is responsible for twisting for all five hundred of those little ties in those Little People sets. Necessary? Really? As my cousin's wife called said, it must be a prison job.

- Carrying a diaper bag, all the groceries and a child all at once. Whoever can get everything from the car to the house in one trip wins.

- Eating dinner while simultaneously doing ninja hands to protect your food. No distracting child with a sticker book or a favorite tv show. The evening news must be on the television.

- Diaper change for speed and accuracy. Children will be fed a fiber heavy diet prior to this event. A pee pee only diaper is an instant disqualification.

- Cleaning the entire house during nap time. Two hours to clean as much as you can, laundry, prep dinner, crochet. Or, you can sit on your computer like I do.

What would your event be in the Mamalympics?



I'm not huge on resolutions, because, in all honesty, I am terrible on the follow through. My craft/office/sewing room is full of unfinished projects. My elliptical trainer now resides at my parents house and is now doubling as an extra closet. There remains a 2 x 8 foot of wall in the kitchen that remains unpainted...two years after we originally painted.

Even now, I'm having a staring contest with all the bins, baskets and organizational products taunting me from across the living room. I went out yesterday, feeling all virtuous. I hit Target and Storables (I want to live in that store. It is everything my inner type A aspires to be). I even picked up brand new cleaning products.

And we're 12 hours into 2010 and my house still looks like Christmas vomited all over. Pine needles, loose bulbs, errant pieces of garland. Ugh. At least I've got the tree outside - but not after dumping 2 gallons of water all over the wood floor. Whoops.

But, I know FOR sure there are two things I WILL do this year.

1) I will complete my Team in Training program and run an entire 13.1 miles in June to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (here's my fundraising page if you're so inclined). I'm doing it with my girls at the Sisterhood, and I could not be more excited. Plus, we've just started an awesome challenge. So many exciting things happening over there!

2) I do my darnedest to blog everyday, here, or at my poor little food blog, which has been disastrously neglected. Not sure what I'm going to ramble on about, but I want to throw myself back into this blog, full stop. If you have any ideas or questions for me, please comment - any inspiration would be so helpful! Mwah!

Okay, 2010, let's do this thang!