Hey Duff, Check It.

I think I have found my new vocation.

I'm going to go work at Charm City Cakes. I think Duff would totally hire me.

Okay, maybe not.

However, I did learn a few things from my foray into cake making.

1) The professional grade food coloring is the bomb. And it also will stain your skin for a very, very long time.

2) I need a spinny platform thingy to frost properly.

3) It does not take very long to get tired of eating frosting.

4) There are a bazillion different types of decorating tips. I have a headache just thinking about it. I did manage to find one that makes grass and then found one to edge the cake and a wee one for writing. Writing, by the way, was the hardest part, by far.

5) A homemade cake - you think it would save you money - um, no. Not after purchasing all the fancy decorating tools. But at least I have them in my arsenal. They'll pay for themselves....in about 15 years.

6) Worth it? Oh, heck yes!

Look at that face! I'll go elbow deep in frosting ANY DAY for a smile like that.


*Lissa* said...

I think it looks AWESOME! And George looks thrilled!! I hope he had a fabulous birthday!

CraftGirlAlli said...

I think you did a pretty darn good job! And look at his face! Priceless!!

Brooke said...

i'm impressed - and by the looks of him so is he. which is totally what's important.

~Mendie~ said...

Love Duff....sorry got distracted.

It looks like he is thrilled...and you look great in that picture my dear!

Money Jenny said...

Well done! You should have hollered at me, though. I have all 5,000 decorating tips you would have needed for cake decorating. Love the pic, too.