I'm not huge on resolutions, because, in all honesty, I am terrible on the follow through. My craft/office/sewing room is full of unfinished projects. My elliptical trainer now resides at my parents house and is now doubling as an extra closet. There remains a 2 x 8 foot of wall in the kitchen that remains unpainted...two years after we originally painted.

Even now, I'm having a staring contest with all the bins, baskets and organizational products taunting me from across the living room. I went out yesterday, feeling all virtuous. I hit Target and Storables (I want to live in that store. It is everything my inner type A aspires to be). I even picked up brand new cleaning products.

And we're 12 hours into 2010 and my house still looks like Christmas vomited all over. Pine needles, loose bulbs, errant pieces of garland. Ugh. At least I've got the tree outside - but not after dumping 2 gallons of water all over the wood floor. Whoops.

But, I know FOR sure there are two things I WILL do this year.

1) I will complete my Team in Training program and run an entire 13.1 miles in June to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (here's my fundraising page if you're so inclined). I'm doing it with my girls at the Sisterhood, and I could not be more excited. Plus, we've just started an awesome challenge. So many exciting things happening over there!

2) I do my darnedest to blog everyday, here, or at my poor little food blog, which has been disastrously neglected. Not sure what I'm going to ramble on about, but I want to throw myself back into this blog, full stop. If you have any ideas or questions for me, please comment - any inspiration would be so helpful! Mwah!

Okay, 2010, let's do this thang!


Christie O. said...

ohhhhh. as i'm reading your description of your projects and your house, i'm checking them all off in mine! pine needles: check. bins: check. unfinished projects from 2008: check.


we'll get there. one day. right? LOL
in the meantime, more wine!

~Mendie~ said...

I too have the habit of starting craft projects and not finishing them...here's hoping we can reach all our goals this year...and maybe even a few projects in between!

april said...

I cleaned Christmas up, but I seriously need to get this house into shape. I'm so lazy and it's just me, so I have no excuses!

Here's to 2010!