This week I was lucky enough to get to play around with a zoom lens. I haven't mastered the zoom, but oh, how I loved it! This is an expensive hobby I've gotten myself into. Crikey. My capture for the week? Green. Very green.

For more You Capture, zoom (ha) on over to I Should Be Folding Laundry.


On the Ground

Things look different, down on the ground.

And I'm sure my neighbors enjoy the crazy lady rolling around in the lawn with her camera. Got to keep the masses happy, right? Every neighborhood needs a nut. I guess that'll be me this

There's so much to see, though. And the weather, well, it wasn't raining. So we'll call that GOOD. That's actually fantastic. And someday, I'll stop bitching about the weather around here. Like, when I'm dead.

While on my tummy, I snapped:
Some flowers that we thought were gone, but came back to life. And they're so special, because they came from my mother in law's hospital room.

And do you know what this is? Thyme. I thought it was edible thyme and was informed by my husband that it isn't. And I was like, for goodness sake, why would you plant a herb that isn't edible... This is why...

It's flowering thyme. A gorgeous little purple-y carpet in the flower bed.

Then I had a visitor, our first baby, Bridget the cat. She had been rolling around in the dirt and looks, well, homeless.

I think she needs a haircut. But I'm terrified of the claws of fury.

Finally, I had to include a shot of someone who is on the ground all the time. Her whole world consists of things under two feet tall...

My gorgeous little cue ball niece at her first Father's Day gathering.
Baby cheeks. Num.
For more shots at ground level, crawl on over to You Capture at I Should Be Folding Laundry.


B to the ORED

I am bored. Bored. Bored. Bored.

Don't get me wrong. There's plenty to do. Plenty of stuff that's no fun. Like organizing and cleaning and laundry and such.

The last six months have been filled with so many highs and lows and things to look forward to (and things that I dreaded) that now I'm just all funned/sadded out. (Do you like how I make up words as I go? Yes, nice work, English major. But let's face it. I graduated almost 10 years ago and that good old degree has not been put to much use. )

So I guess I've turned into somewhat of an addict. An addict who needs something to look forward to - anticipation is my crack. For a long time, I had travel and a race to dream about. Now? Well, for a few months, nada. I do have a wedding to attend in September, very excited about that...but it's in September. I need something NOW. (Megan, can you move the wedding up a few months? KTHANKS!)

Then, after the wedding...uh, Christmas? And if you know how I feel about the holiday season, well, not so much.

I know, a lot of people are telling me HAVE A BABY!

Which is a really good idea, you know, having a kid cause you're bored? Yeah. I like it.

Having a baby is not off the table, but you know, even if I got pregnant today (AND I'M NOT, even if the guy at Costco thinks I look it) , I'd have to wait nine months. Actually, ten. 40 weeks = 10 months.

And then some other people are like, hey, run a marathon. Well. Hmmm. No thanks. The training that goes into a marathon is just not something that would fly around this house. Bye honey, I need to go on five hour training run, catch ya later! Um, no. I do like to see my husband, you know, every once and a while.

Plus? After seeing all the poop carnage during my half? Holy crap. For reals. Those porta-johns would have made a sewage worker cringe.

So yeah, bored. Inspired? Yes. Motivated. No. Not such a great combination.

What to do? Any suggestions are welcome. Except those ideas from the effing spammers, who still think I'm into some kinky stuff.

And Blogger, why in the hell does word verification not work? I'm going to cheat on you with Wordpress, I swear.


Race Recap, My Style

Two weeks ago I was packing frantically for San Diego. Making checklists. And checklists for those lists. Double checking...shoes, GPS watch, running clothes, fuel belt.

And, and, and.

Little did I know what was going to happen to me three days later. I knew that I was going to run, or attempt to run, 13.1 miles. I knew that I had to get up at 3:30 am. I knew that it was going to be grueling.

What I didn't realize was how this race was going to affect me, as a person. How it would touch my heart
and my spirit in so many ways that I didn't think running a race could. Yeah, it was a lot about running, but even more? It was about being part of something greater than myself, knowing that I'd played a part in an event that was bringing good to a lot of lives.

While I could do a play by play of how much it hurt, or what each mile was like, I want to actually talk about parts of the race that really moved me, emotionally.
Cause there were a lot. Christy and I decided to pace together, and for me, that was so incredible. To share so many things with someone over a physically challenging course is something that I will always treasure. And I'm glad she's a sap like me - there were many times we were crying while we were running. At one point, Christy said she was hyperventilating from crying. Running and crying do not combine well. But there were so many moments:
  • Running by men in the military who were SERVING US WATER. Oh, my goodness. They already do so much. Them standing there, handing us those little cups? Seriously, that really got me.
  • On the freeway stretch, we ran by a little person. She was maybe up to my waist, her legs were bowed, and running looked painful for her. But there she was, pushing her limits. I mean, how can I EVER complain when someone with the physical challenges she has is running a 1/2 marathon?
  • Passing a woman who had clearly done chemo recently. Her hair was starting to come back in, downy and soft. She was walking, head held high, with a shirt that exclaimed 'SURVIVOR.'
  • The blind woman, walking the half, and I'm pretty sure she was on her own. She was using a cane, feeling her way along the pavement. She was small and her shirt read 'Little Giant'. When someone who literally is missing one of her senses can get herself out there and do a half...well, that's pretty freaking amazing.
  • All the supporters lining the route. A sea of purple. I could not have asked for better motivation than people yelling 'GO TEAM' and high fiving as I passed.
  • Whenever we hit a hill, I'd say 'WE OWN THIS HILL.' I'm sure that didn't get old (ha ha).
  • At mile 12, when I was running out of gas, I looked to my left and out of nowhere, I saw the mom of one of my high school friends. She is a Team in Training coach. She gave me a hug and ran with me for a little bit, and I so needed that.
  • Crossing the finish line with (okay, almost with, she beat me by a second) with Christy. What an incredible experience to share! Half mary sisters for life, girlfriend!
  • Celebrating afterwards with all my girls from Team Shrinking Jeans. So amazing to get to see everyone in real life. They're all in my heart forever.
So I guess that's not a traditional race recap, but out of everything, these are the things that stick with me. Not the pain, not the damned slanted freeway (okay, that sucked), not the heinously disgusting porta-johns and how gross runners are with their pooping. Not how I thought I lost my driver's license through the entire race (thanks again, Christy, for talking me down) only to find it in my checked bag at the end. Not Christy forgetting sunscreen and having to holler 'SUNSCREEN?' at every TNT coach on the route.

Not the guy who ran in Batman briefs. Okay, maybe that.

When I signed up with Team in Training, I was thinking, yeah, I'll train for and run a 1/2 marathon. That's awesome.

And it was.

But I didn't bargain for how I'd feel differently inside, how this would change me. For the better, I think.



Low Tide

Last week, for a few days, the sun came out. And, coincidentally, we had a record low tide. I'm so glad someone alerted me to this fact because I'm clueless.

Off to the beach we went. It was not even 70, and people were in their swimsuits. Hey, if it's over 50, Washingtonians are in shorts - 70? Yeah, that's tropical.

I do complain about the weather here in Washington A LOT. Like, all the time. But, seriously? It can be pretty breathtaking when we have a respite from the rain.

Yeah, I kind of love it here.

When it's not raining.

For more water shots, float on over to You Capture.


Gift Cards Are Good. Land's End Gift Cards Are Great!

I triple heart Lands Ends, and real quick like, I wanted to let you all know about a really super duper easy way to enter a drawing for a $100 gift card to Lands End. You know, for school shopping (or an outift for yourself, ahem). So, here are the deets:

  • Take the Lands’ End 2010 Back-to-School Survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/XKS6ZZ9. Participants who complete the survey by 12 a.m. EDT on Sunday, June 13 will be entered into a drawing for one of five $100 Lands' End gift cards. Winners will be selected at random and will be notified on or around the week of July 5, 2010.
  • Bloggers who complete the survey as well as include the link in a post will receive one additional entry into the drawing for the gift cards. To receive your second entry, please send a link or screenshot of your post to Katie at katie@fedorukinc.com.
That's it. Super easy. Ten minutes, max. You can do it!

Go forth and pass it on!


Fun? YES.

I went to San Diego last weekend with Team Shrinking Jeans.

We raised over 43K for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

We ran, ralked or walked 13.1 miles.


We celebrated.

There was 'burrowing',

And laughing,

And dancing, lots of dancing,

And Irish Car Bombs (Christie forced Melissa, for serious),

And a ride through the Gaslamp District on a pedicab. The poor driver. I think we scared him.

So fun? Yeah, we had some fun.

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So I finally managed to get my hands on a Nikon D40 for my birthday/mother's day. And in the nick of time, cause I was ready to run over my point and shoot.

I've been having SO much fun with this new camera. It is incredible how much better the quality is, how much more clear and vibrant. So. Much. Fun.

My favorite photo so far with my new camera has to be this one:

My son on my dad's fishing boat, just before he left for Alaska for the salmon season. What is it with little boys and CB radios? I swear he automatically said 'Breaker, breaker...roger that.'

The cuteness.

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