B to the ORED

I am bored. Bored. Bored. Bored.

Don't get me wrong. There's plenty to do. Plenty of stuff that's no fun. Like organizing and cleaning and laundry and such.

The last six months have been filled with so many highs and lows and things to look forward to (and things that I dreaded) that now I'm just all funned/sadded out. (Do you like how I make up words as I go? Yes, nice work, English major. But let's face it. I graduated almost 10 years ago and that good old degree has not been put to much use. )

So I guess I've turned into somewhat of an addict. An addict who needs something to look forward to - anticipation is my crack. For a long time, I had travel and a race to dream about. Now? Well, for a few months, nada. I do have a wedding to attend in September, very excited about that...but it's in September. I need something NOW. (Megan, can you move the wedding up a few months? KTHANKS!)

Then, after the wedding...uh, Christmas? And if you know how I feel about the holiday season, well, not so much.

I know, a lot of people are telling me HAVE A BABY!

Which is a really good idea, you know, having a kid cause you're bored? Yeah. I like it.

Having a baby is not off the table, but you know, even if I got pregnant today (AND I'M NOT, even if the guy at Costco thinks I look it) , I'd have to wait nine months. Actually, ten. 40 weeks = 10 months.

And then some other people are like, hey, run a marathon. Well. Hmmm. No thanks. The training that goes into a marathon is just not something that would fly around this house. Bye honey, I need to go on five hour training run, catch ya later! Um, no. I do like to see my husband, you know, every once and a while.

Plus? After seeing all the poop carnage during my half? Holy crap. For reals. Those porta-johns would have made a sewage worker cringe.

So yeah, bored. Inspired? Yes. Motivated. No. Not such a great combination.

What to do? Any suggestions are welcome. Except those ideas from the effing spammers, who still think I'm into some kinky stuff.

And Blogger, why in the hell does word verification not work? I'm going to cheat on you with Wordpress, I swear.


*Lissa* said...

Oh my dearest skank... I feel exactly the same. Exactly. I need help, too.

Brooke said...

i feel similar - but with my hands tied behind my back. have you considered doing a mud run? or something of that nature. the distance is short (typically a 5K) so it doesn't require lots of training, but its not your standard, run of the mill 3.1 miles either.

megant599 said...

Maybe you can be like me and have a weight loss goal for that whole September thingy ;) But that's not nearly as exciting as the other events you've had in recent months. But I think the downtime is good...a good chance to work on living in the moment, rather than what most of us do which is fly past the days to get to "the good stuff".

~Mendie~ said...

hmmm...maybe you could do some more decorating projects. You did such a great job with your bedroom colors maybe something else needs tweaked?

Money Jenny said...

I can point you toward a couple of recipe contests...if you're like me, you'll drive yourself nuts going over endless (mostly bad or very odd) ideas.