Share the Happy!

Aw, shucks! My darling Lissa over at Whooo's That Girl tagged me with this sweet award! And, she doesn't know it (till now) but I owe her big time, cause it gave me something to write about today. Muah!

So, here are the instructions:

1. Copy the image and display it on your blog.
2. List 10 things that make you happy.
3. Try to do at least one of them today.
4. Pass on the award to 10 bloggers who brighten your day.

What makes ME happy?

Coffee. I know it's probably a caffeine addiction, but I can't sub soda or tea for my beloved coffee. So maybe it really IS the way it tastes. The way it smells. How my temperamental coffee pot grumbles to life as it brews that sweet, sweet nectar...

Farmers Markets. Probably because they coincide with spring and summertime. And the best part of autumn. All the colors and smells. Getting to eat produce that's actually local and in season, rather than imported from places I'll probably never even go in my lifetime (not that I wouldn't go to Chile, but I'm not sure the opportunity will ever present itself).

Footie Jammies. ON CHILDREN ONLY (don't get me started on the creepiness of adults in footie jammies. And if you wear them, sorry. But it's creepy! More so on guys. Ok, rant over). There is nothing more snuggly than a baby or small child in footie jammies.

Soup. There is something super comforting about having a huge pot of soup simmering on the stove top. I love making a ton so I always have soup in the freezer. It's a go-to meal for me. When I feel like I've overindulged throughout the day, when I'm chilly, when I'm down in the dumps. Soup is healing. I'm convinced.

Little Kid Voices.
I love listening to my son talk to himself in his crib, sing songs read himself books, or say 'Watchu doin', Mommy?' I'm relishing it now, before it turns into marathon whining. He's so sing-songy right now. Love it.

Reading in the Bath. Two of my favorite things, combined. Especially after a hard run. Hot bath, lavendar essential oil, tea or water and a good book or magazine. I find it's the only time I really read - if I'm in bed, I'm either passed out or watching Roseanne reruns (Nick at Night, holla!) and if I'm in the living room I'm on the computer or reading No No Yes Yes to my son for the 500th time.

Extreme weather. Okay, not weather that puts anyone in danger...but if it snows, I want it to be DEEP and stick for a while. I want to be stuck at the house. If it rains, I want a torrential downpour. If there's a river to watch flood, count me in...and I'm not dumb enough to actually drive through the water acros the roadway. I just like to watch it. If it's sunny, I want the sky to be perfectly blue and the temperature to be over 80. I want to complain about how hot it is then miss that heat when the weather turns gray and nasty. Wind? As long as there aren't any huge trees to fall on my house, bring it on. I don't even mind if the power goes out...we can cook in the fireplace!

Music. Life needs a soundtrack. That is all.

My family and friends. Without them, I'm lost. My husband keeps me grounded, and loves me when I'm not doing a very good job loving myself. My son is truly the light of my life. The rest of my family, my friends...well, I keep them around for a reason! They're amazing.

A clean, organized house. This is aspirational for me, to have both. But, some days, when I manage to pick up all the Hot Wheels and Legos, vacuum, bleach the kitchen and bathroom and wash and fold and put away all the laundry? I love those days. My house is never perfect, or even close to it, but my version of clean works for me.

And now to share the happy - I'm passing this award on to ten bloggers who make ME happy!

Have fun, ladies!


cfoxes said...

Life needs a soundtrack...I love that!

CraftGirlAlli said...

I love all your happy reasons! Thanks for tagging me! I'll get working on mine!

Anonymous said...

You make me happy, too! I'll post something this week or next.

If I remember.

Mommy Mo said...

Almost done with my list- thanks for tagging me hooker!!!!

30 Days of Fun said...

I love your list! Thanks for tagging me!