Milestone (Maybe)

So, guess what?

I'm going to Vegas in three days! Woot! The hubs is letting me tag along to biggest nerd herd gathering on planet earth the Consumer Electronics Show. I joke about it being all geeky and stuff, but honestly? I'm wicked excited.

On the flip side, I'm kind of freaking out because we are leaving the G-Rex behind. He is staying with my parents. It will be the longest we've ever left him. I'm sure he'll be fine. I'm the one who will be a wreck.

Did I mention I haven't fully weaned him yet? This may be the end of the nursing. Again, I'm sure he'll hardly notice, but I'll be crying...INTO MY COCKTAIL, FLYING TO VEGAS.

I can't believe I've made it this far with breastfeeding. For a long time, I wanted to at least make it to a year. Then, I decided 18 months. Now that he actually walks up and tells me 'NURSE RIGHT NOWWWWW' while yanking down my shirt, I think it's time to call it a day.

And I will be sad. I won't lie - a few anticipatory tears have already been shed. The last remnant of him being a baby will be gone. He'll be a little boy.

I don't know if I'm ready.

Can I stop time? For a little bit, at least?



Melissa said...

I totally cried as I neared the end of our breastfeeding time. I never thought that I'd make it over a year, and I certainly didn't think it would be such an emotional thing that I'd enjoy so much. But about a week later, ah, the freedom! It felt great. I hope you feel the same way. He'll still be your little baby, don't worry. And have a blast in Vegas! Woohoo!

*Lissa* said...

I quit breastfeeding the twins at 10 months and enjoyed my freedom!!

You will shed a few tears, but once you get to Vegas you smell that sweet freedom too. ;p


the lewis 4 said...

Times goes too fast. I wish I could stop it too. Have fun in Vegas!

Andrea said...

Have a blast!! He'll be having so much fun with your parents he will barely notice you guys aren't there! So don't worry about him and have fun!

~Mendie~ said...

Oh sooo jealous of your trip! That's awesome!

Look at it this way, at least you will have a distraction while weening him again. Still has to suck though...no pun intended.

Travel safe!

Christie O. said...

awww! i had no idea you were still nursing!! i made it to a year with my second, only about 6 months with my first. it was such a bittersweet ending but then i really did like the freedom eventually! the sad part was that i don't know if that was my last time nursing ever! or not.

but seriously, have the best time in vegas, baby! my husband almost went to this show and if he had, we coulda maybe met up! oh well! have fun though!

Ms. Diva said...

Have fun! Vegas this time of year is the best!!! (My parents live there and I'm only about a three hour drive away!)
I'm envious of your breastfeeding for so long! I wasn't really successful at my four attempts!

megant599 said...
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AnnG said...

I cried for many a night when I stopped nursing both my boys. My oldest nursed till 19 mos. My youngest I nursed till AFTER he was 2! I was trying to hang onto his babyhood for as long as I could. It is harder for mom than the kiddos when they are big enough to ask for it!!

TheCrazyCrabb said...

My son is going to be 7 months and I have been weaning him due to a crazy schedule (and he is a biter). He is our third, and possibly our last...it's hard to let go. However, when they can go to the 'fridge' and get their own milk...it might just be time ;o) Have a wonderful vacation.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

I remember when I stopped nursing. It was bittersweet. I missed the snuggling time but I was also happy to have my body back to myself. And now, I still get snuggle time in so i feel good. Enjoy Vegas!

ZDub said...

Man, good for you for doing it this long!

I know it's hard, but VEGAS!!!!