Fresh. Fresh. Exciting.

Nothing like a little Kool and the Gang to get you going in the morning (or at any time for that matter). Could have used a little of K&TG yesterday.

Yesterday, oh, yesterday. Wow, what a doozy! It's strange to me how I can become so drained. It wasn't a bad day as days go, but just flat out tiring.

We were invited to a playgroup at a local pool. I'm so happy we went - it's a great pool for toddlers. Warm enough, a great shallow area, lots of balls and pool toys, and even a lazy river to float down. G loved every minute. Well, except for the time in the changing room. That part sucked for both of us. I was sweating like a madwoman trying to get us both dressed. You see, my child will not stand still. Not for a moment, unless he's getting into something that will inevitably cause bodily harm. So, I wouldn't let him run around in a locker room full of naked women and he decided to cry about it (typical male, right?).

But once we were out in the pool, the kid was in heaven. Between splashing, running around in the shallow area and throwing the beach ball around, he wore himself right out.

And for the first time since I can remember, he slept through the night, 7:30 pm to 7:00 am. Wowza.

If I ever needed him to do that, it was last night. It is truly amazing what a good night's sleep can do for one's psyche.

This morning, I've had my coffee, G is back down for his morning nap and I've got some serious work to do around the house.

But I feel totally up to it.

Five loads of laundry? Sure!

Mopping? Bring it on!

Ironing Sheets? Errr. I have to draw the line somewhere. I'm not June Cleaver, y'all.


Andrea said...

I love the MLT pool... :(

megant599 said...

You rock...can you pass a little of that motivation my way??? Oh, you mean saturday's already half way gone???? oops!

Heather D said...

Andrea, I know! That pool is amazing. I'm so glad we found it. Hope you find something equally good over there!
Megan. If I didn't have a kid, I'd still be in bed at 10 am. But those days are gone forever!

Melissa said...

Yeah, I'm so glad that George gave you a good sleep that night! We'll have to go again. What a great way to get out the wiggles. I agree, it's a bit crazy getting into the pool and afterwards, but it's well worth it and I think it will get easier with practice.