Dear God, Thank You for Spanx.

Two weeks ago I applied for a job.
And finally, I heard back from a recruiter. Yesterday I had an interview.
To be quite honest, this was the very first time I haven't been nervous at all for an interview. In fact, I was eerily calm. Maybe because though I probably should be working, I don't feel desperate. Yet.
All was well yesterday until I went to get dressed. Let's put it this way. I was A LOT smaller last time I had to put on a suit. And by a lot, I mean a large toddler smaller. I wasn't even going to try on my suit, but I had scoured my closet and nothing else came up interview worthy.
So I put the suit on.
And it FIT! Well, kind of. I had to hike the skirt up to get it to zip. But it did, miracle of miracles, zip.
Even better, I was able to button the coat over my still too big from having a baby boobs. They do go back, right?
As I looked in the mirror, I actually felt I looked presentable. But I had a nagging feeling that if I took to deep a breath or sat down, I was going to bust out all over the place.
Then I remembered - the greatest invention of all time - Spanx! They were buried deep in the drawer, but I still had them. I pulled them on and voila! My zipper went up with ease! I looked less lumpy! Hurrah!
So thanx to Spanx, I was able to feel a little more confident. This is a good, no GREAT thing.
Now, today, I'm just working on getting all my guts to move back into their original place. But it was SO worth it to feel slimmer even for a few hours.

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Um yeah- I wish they made spanx that still felt good AFTER you have them on for 15 minutes. Because that thing that they do after that? Ugh.