The Neighbors, They're Talking...

As much as it pains me to admit this, we are THAT house on our street.

That house. You know, the one where the neighbors shake their heads as they pass by. Why don't they DO something about their lawn? They really should take down that old fence! Why in God's name do they have that Bronco on blocks in their driveway (no really. we do.).

And I was brought up better than that. I really, REALLY was.

We're like Hal and Lois on Malcolm in the Middle. All the neighbors around us talk to each other and seem to be friends. They probably have cookouts when we're out of town. No one talks to us.

Until this week.

Suddenly, neighbors s are stopping to talk to B as he's working in the yard. Now that we're fixing up our lawn THEY LIKE US!

Sure, it's taken us a while to get around to it. WE HAD A BABY FOR *&@'s SAKE.

This is our front yard about three weeks ago, all the nasty sod pulled up. Did you know they grow sod in netting? And when you try to pull up the sod and netting, it rips up into a cajillion little horrid pieces? It's does and it sucks.

And if you're wondering, the guy across the street has someone else take care of his lawn. Cheater.

Here's our yard a few days ago after B's birthday gift was delivered. Fifteen yards of dirt - erm, I mean - soil. He wanted DIRT for his birthday. Now that is dedication!

Today, my parents visited and we got all that loverly soil spread around, and in the next few days B will till and we'll spread grass seed.

And then, we will have the VERY BESTEST FRONT YARD IN THE WHOLE BLOCK. And they will all worship and adore us.

Or maybe just talk to us?

There is still the issue of the Bronco (I told you I wasn't kidding). But if it's still here come summer, I'm totally making it into a planter.

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megant599 said...

LOL!!! I think it'll make a lovely planter :) My friends had the same thing with their lawn. All of the sudden, all the neighbors want to talk. ALthough, it's also just cause you're out there, in the lawn, by the street...it's hard to avoid eye contact ;)