And Another Pound Bites the Dust...

I feel heavy today. You know when your body just feels like you're wearing a vest full of weights? That everything you ate the previous day is just hanging out, refusing to make it's journey through the digestive tract? Like every cell in your body is completely full of water like a saturated sponge? Yeah, kind of like that.

Very much dreading weighing in this morning, I made myself get on the scale before even a drop of coffee had passed my lips.

And even though I had a not so great food week, I still managed to lose a pound.

Thank you Jillian Michaels!

Everything logical would point to me actually GAINING this week. You see, I was stupid enough to make cupcakes for Easter and think that other people would actually eat them. But no. So there they were, in all their cupcakey glory, sitting on my kitchen counter for days. Yesterday, I woke up, and there were still about six left, and I put them in the trash compactor, covered them with gross, stinky garbage, and smashed them. Because if I put them in the regular garbage they might look okay to eat later (shut up).

And then there was the candy. Thankfully, nobody brought me any creme eggs. That would have been the end of it for me. Creme eggs are my crack. But there were still jellybeans and robins eggs. Oh Easter candy, why must you be so incredibly delicious?

My saving grace this week had to be the Shred. I did it every day except Monday night, and I feel awesome. I'm still on the first workout, but it is getting easier, so I think I need to consider moving to workout two. Though I still suck at the push-ups. I HATE PUSH UPS!

So, for week three, here are my results:

Start weight: 182
Last week's weight: 179.8
This week's weight: 178.2

I'm dying to find out what I can accomplish if I eat right and do the Shred together. Hopefully, next week I'll hit the scale and just be AMAZED. Or even just mildly surprised.


Brooke said...

that's awesome - congrats!! :)

Anonymous said...

Great job! Keep it up!

Andrea said...

I totally just ate a pint of Ben and Jerry's while reading this. Yum. Guess I'll do 2 workouts tomorrow...

Heather D said...

Yeah, well I made the mistake of baking bread today. Between G and I, we're already down half a loaf. Yum.

aprilshowrs78 said...

Great job!!! You get the food part down and you'll be golden, I know it!

Keep up the good work!

DALewis said...

Great job on the weight loss this week.