Up in a BAD Way.

No good news today, I'm afraid. I'm up. And not it a good way.

I did not do well with the food this week. And I missed shredding for a day or two (okay, TWO). So I know it is my fault. I can't PHONE IT IN as Jillian likes to say, OVER AND OVER AND OVER. I need to commit, apply myself, and all that jazz.

I can tell you why I did crappy with food this week. Not an excuse - an explanation. There were a few things:

1) It was B's birthday and I cooked his requested lobster dinner. And I ate lobster with garlic butter. It was glorious. But it doesn't look so glorious attached to my ass. I need to repeat this mantra every time I start thinking about overindulging. Are a few seconds of gastronomical bliss really worth never fitting in my pre-preganancy jeans again? NO. NO NO NO NO.....NO!!!!! And if you didn't get that...NO!

2) I had a big decision to make this week that consumed my brain and left little capacity to think about things like eating healthy. So I had fried chicken and potato salad. And frosted animal cookies. And the *#&$#@% leftover Easter candy. I felt terrible afterwards. I mean, really terrible - mentally and physically. Like a cased sausage. Rotund. Not good.

The good news is, I made the decision I was wrestling with and feel so very positive about what I decided. No regrets.

So now, I feel like I can more fully commit to my health. I will not give up.

Okay, okay. I'm avoiding posting my results but here they are:

Starting Weight: 182
Last Week's Weight: 178.2
This Week's Weight: 179.8

This week I will not HOPE for better results, I will MAKE them. So there.


Heather said...

That is okay. You can do it ;) Weight loss is always hard or a new lifestyle. I am glad you made your big decision and are happy. My computer finally let me subscribe to your blog. Yay!

Mommy Mo said...

Here's to a new week! You can do it.

How old is the baby? I, too, am struggling to put away my maternity clothes FOR GOOD. Three kids in five years and I am DONE DONE DONE. The last one was born Sep 25, 2008.

I love your style of writing, too. You make me laugh : ).

Mommy Mo said...

OK, I just saw your ticker tape- less ass, more sass. OMG, I think I love you.

Melissa said...

Try not to be too hard on yourself - some weeks will be better than others. You are still down from where you started a few weeks ago - it could be worse, you could be up or doing nothing about it. At least you are conscious of your choices and can see where you could have made a different choice, but I think it's also important to indulge every once in a while. At least this is what I tell myself :). We'll get a good walk in on Saturday and you should join me for a SS class or two next week!

april said...

Hey, we all have times when we have to focus on other things, this is fine. Try not to get too down! What's important is that you refocus and get back on board!

Good luck in this new week!!