Muffin Top Musings - Weighing In

Here I am, one week in and one pound down. Can't say I'm super excited about the minimal loss, but I guess it's something, right?
Very honestly, I shouldn't complain. I've been a flying a little fast and loose with the eating this week. I've done Weight Watchers before and know that I am only successful when I write everything down. Which I did not do this week. I also know that I am an emotional eater. Some days just get the better of me - what I need to learn is how to channel that energy, those feelings elsewhere. Like kicking hula hoop ass on the Wii Fit.
The exercise this week actually went pretty well. I discovered if I put G in the hiking backpack and leash both the dogs then go for a long walk through the park, I work up quite the sweat. I don't know if that's due to the fact I'm tragically out of shape, or if it's actually a good workout. But for now, it'll do.
Today, believe it or not, it's pretty much snowing outside. What I mean by that is it's just a wee bit too warm to stick. I wish I could say April Fools. But I can't. The weather really sucks that much.
So that's me for this week. Nothing to revealing, but I am pleased the scale went down, if only a pound.


Anonymous said...

Great job on the loss this week!

aprilshowrs78 said...

A one pound loss is great! Congrats!

Christy - The Sisterhood said...

One pound is great! And I'm glad you're enjoying the Wii Fit hula!! Isn't it awesome!

Heather said...

One pound down is one pound down. Great job! I know how hard it can be and all about emotional eating. You have a cheer-leader in Albany :) Keep it up and I give you props for being so open on your blog. Good for you!