There is a Couch in My Kitchen.

While we were on vacation a little over a week ago, we had our hardwood floors refinished. It seemed like a good idea to go ahead and paint our living room and redo the trim while we were at it.

Now, we've been home a week and our house still looks like WWIII (as my mom would say). There is a couch (and a chair) in my kitchen that I have to crawl over to get to the fridge. Our table is outside. Our office/extra bedroom is so full of junk that it is a hazard to navigate. And our living room is a cornucopia of plastic, painters tape and dust.

This could very well be what pushes me over the edge.

I have never wanted to organize so badly. But, it is pointless, because I will come home from work tomorrow and all my work will be for naught. I have decided that once all the dust has settled (literally and figuratively) I will be having a massive yard sale to get rid of all our excess stuff. I say stuff, cause it's not necessarily junk, but it's not useful to us at this point in our lives. I mean, who really needs a boxful of VHS tapes when you haven't had a VCR in 5 years? Hoarding runs in my family and I need to watch myself...it's a sickness...really!

Hopefully this will all be over soon and we'll have a beautiful, freshly painted living room, kitchen and hallway. The other rooms can definitely wait. Until then I'll be cursing at the sofa blocking the fridge and the ever present coating of sanding dust on every stable surface...x*&@#%!


Andrea said...

It looks beautiful! who doesn't want a couch in the kitchen?

Heather said...

You will love it when it is done. We are in the throws of remodeling too. I just want to put my clothes away so I can find underwear in the morning! The spring can not come soon enough that is when we are riping out our kitchen and getting rid of COUNTRY Kitchen! YUCK!! I think all husbands make a mess in their wake. I know mine does.