Baby Axel Update

A month or so ago, I wrote about my cousin's little baby boy who was born addicted to methadone. Last week he was finally released from the hospital (he was in for about six weeks). My uncle and aunt were granted custody - which is what we were all hoping for.

There was an intervention for my cousin - I didn't go, it was decided it would be better with just immediate family. A proposal was made for her to go into rehab for a month, then enter a halfway house where Axel could live with her, but they'd be under constant supervision.

She and her boyfriend (also the father) walked out. I am just stunned they could walk away from their baby, just like that. But addiction is powerful, and in reality, baby Axel is probably in a more safe, nurturing environment then he would have been with his mother. If she or the boyfriend show up, my aunt and uncle are to call 911.

My mom got to meet the little guy last week and said he looks good. He's fairly small (11 lbs at 2 months), but all I have to compare with is my gargantuan son. The pediatrician's prognosis is very good - and we're all hoping for the best.

Back when this all hit the fan, I contacted La Leche League about donating my frozen breast milk to Axel. I figured he needs all the help he can get. I was wondering how accepting of the idea my family would be, but everyone has been absolutely open about it and I feel really good that all the frozen milk I have stockpiled will go to good use. I will continue to send up as much as I can until I wean George. Hopefully whatever the milk contains that is making my kid grow so fast will work a little magic on Axel!

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megant599 said...

SInce you last wrote, my experiences with this kind of thing have multiplied and I have now seen it from all different sides. The overarching message of all the cases I have seen is that an addict has to reach their own rock bottom before they will be willing to try to change and a mother has to be in her right mind to be a mother. Like Andrea said before, she's not a rational reasonable person right now and the drugs are overriding what the hormones would naturally be doing for her and her baby. Your family is still in for a long road and hopefully Axel can have a safe and healthy life with or without his mother's involvement.