Top Mess

I am addicted to Top Chef. I didn't start watching till last season but am completely hooked.
The finale was last Wednesday, but I needed a few days to decompress and calm down before writing about what transpired.
Everybody, I am so pissed off!
Hosea? Really?
Let's review. Carla pretty much rocked throughout at least the last half of the series. Her food always looked amazing. Plus, girlfriend is FUNN-AY!
Stefan reminded me of a little boy. You know, he'd figure out what buttons to push and then have no mercy. I adored his little lesbian crush on Jamie too. Love it.
Hosea? Meh. Honestly I was hoping Jeff or Fabio would make it into the finale. Fabio reminds me of the dog whisperer (yes, I know he's Italian and Cesar Milan is Mexican). And Jeff, well Jeff's restaurant name was enough to send me into hysterics every time I saw it...Dilido Grill? What kind of food do they serve?
Hosea, on the other hand...what a tool! His whole weird non-romance with Leah. So very high school. I just could never warm up to him. Plus his food just never interested me.
You think Stefan would bug me more - but he was just unapologetically annoying, which I found endearing. I mean, if you're going to be an arrogant jerk, you should own it, embrace it.
So, I'm disappointed. I need to move on.
America's Next Top Model starts this week!

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