Stacy & Clinton, Where Are You?

I just looked in the mirror and WOW. Wowie wow wow wow. I hope nobody comes knocking on the door this morning.

I am wearing:

-ugly nude nursing bra (but at least I'm wearing one!)
-grey wife beater tank
-magenta fleece robe
-faded out black yoga capris
-tall uggs
-mommy bun (you know, the twisted around ponytail secured with another elastic)

I need a fashion intervention. This is ridiculous!

I know there are ways to be casual and fashionable, but even the laid back/put together look takes effort. And when you don't leave the house except to walk the dogs and kid, why bother?

Just thinking about how I used to get up at 5:30, shower, dress, do my hair and makeup...well that sounds exhausting now. I go DAYS with no makeup. My hair hasn't seen a blow dryer for a month, at the very least.

Poor B, my legs get shaved once a fortnight. Maybe. He comes home and I'm in the uniform - yoga pants, t-shirt with G's meals stained across the front, a hoodie, crocs. HOT. He's a good sport and doesn't seem to care either way, but I'm sure he'd appreciate a little grooming and hygiene.

I'm a mess. Literally. Showering seems like such a hassle (but I do draw the line - a shower must come into play daily).

Is this what's supposed to happen when you are no longer out in the workforce, no longer forced to interact with adults on a regular basis?

Because I'm telling you, it's freaking me out.

That's it, I'm hitting the shower, plugging in the curling iron and finding my makeup...now where did I put it?

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