Shut Up About My Crocs

I have a deep, deep love for Crocs.
And I get a little defensive when I see loads of sites literally devoted to trashing them.
I own - wait for it - six pairs of Crocs. I have the good old clogs (two pair), the ones with the fuzzy lining, the mary jane ones, flip flops and the dressy ones - slingbacks.
B has explained to me that they are gardening shoes (he works at a nursery so I guess he should know). Imagine my delight when he decided he needed a pair for around the house - though he won't wear them anywhere else.
Me, I'll wear them anywhere. Grocery store, work (when I was pregnant only), the beach. Anywhere I tell you!
My Grandma was the one who first turned me on to them. She is a very stylish Grandma! She wore Birkenstocks for years and made the switch to Crocs. She has a pair to match each outfit.
So seriously, Croc haters, give me a break. I love my Crocs. They're wallet friendly, comfy and most importantly, anti-microbial. My kid thinks they're a great teething toy. Okay, maybe that's not so great.
They may not be the most beautiful shoe, but they have my heart. They feel yummy on my feet. So Croc haters, shut it. Or I'll throw my Uggs at you - oh yes, I have those too. Suck on that.

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Heather said...

I love my crocs too!