Hope Floats, Poop Does Not

The good news - G has a healthy diet.
The bad news is how I found out. He pooped in the tub tonight. And it sunk. Two perfect little turds, straight to the bottom of the tub.
I have talked to so many mom's who inevitably have a poop episode in the tub regularly. I've been very lucky. We only had what I call 'poop soup' once, and he was very small at the time. Tonight, he was standing up at the side of the bathtub, letting me brush his teeth.
'Guckie!' He said. There are ducks on his toothbrush. 'Guckie!' Then silence.
He gave me a very serious look, then:
'Hnnnnnnnnnh.' Plop.
'Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnh.' Plop.
I stayed calm while I tried to figure out what to do. I pulled the plug and ushered the offending doo doo down the drain (which started to slow, but is still draining, hopefully it will be okay) and kept him standing up. I quickly soaped G up, then rinsed him with the shower head. Yeah, he LOVED that. Note sarcasm.
A quick towel off then I handed him off to Daddy. Then I went to work with the bleach. All the toys in the tub, tub filled with the super hot water and Clorox. My hands have that gross bleachy feeling, but I'm pretty sure the tub is clean.
And I'm also pretty sure G is getting plenty of fiber and not too much fat.

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Vrieling Mom said...

HA!! Olivia would poop in the tub every single frigin time...We where lost..we had no idea what to do..there was nothing we could do...I just had to run the toys in the dishwasher adn spray down the tub...I bought a good spray..