"A" For Effort

You can't escape it, it's everywhere. The Today Show, even Oprah.
Budgeting. And in particular, couponing.
I said to myself, self, you can do this couponing thing. It can't be that hard. You just need to concentrate on remembering to buy the Sunday paper.
So last week, I did. And I clipped. Did I EVER clip. I had a huge stack of coupons.
I bought myself this cute little coupon folder at Big Lots and went to sorting.
Then, on Wednesday, I noticed my grocery store flier had four coupons which would double the value of manufacturers coupons.
This was serious. I was so excited. I grabbed my scissors and snipped away.
Today, when our house guests left, I gathered up my orange folder and made my way to the store. I even sat in the car for a few minutes to make sure I was sorted out.
As I pulled items from the shelf, I made sure I found the corresponding coupon and placed it in the basket next to the item.
Damn girl, I thought to myself, you are totally rocking this coupon business.
I even pulled out the double the manufacturers coupons coupon's and placed it in the basket so I'd have it handy.
Nearing the checkout stand I was actually giddy about all the money I was going to save.
I placed my items on the conveyor belt with their coupons and then I realized something had gone very wrong.
My big bad double coupon coupons were GONE.
As quickly as possible I scanned my cart - nothing. I dug through my purse - no luck. And I rifled through my little folder - not a freaking thing. I tried to remain calm and mentioned to the cashier I'd lost my coupons.
'Too bad.'
So close. So very close.


melissa said...

Hey Heather, are you familiar with www.thegrocerygame.com? I've never used the site, but I know people who have. It seems like a site you'd enjoy. Good luck!

megant599 said...

Hey Heath- I have become a couponer but it's taken time and a lot of forgotten clippings. My system is to pull them from the big-lots divider thingy and place them with my cash in my purse when I get the item. That way they're safe and I will be sure to get them out when I go to pay. I have found the sunday paper is still the most reliable way to get them and it's now a fav part of my sunday routine to sit with my tea and scissors in hand:)
And as far as the location of the missing coupone, I bet someone stole em!

Andrea said...

Good for you. I tried a couple years ago and all the planning that went into shopping and meal planning around sale items put me over the edge. I did thegrocerygame at one point and it was worth it, but I just don't have the time anymore.

Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

Hey Heather, thanks for stopping by my site through UBP. I'm not much of a couponer. I can never find god coupons for products that I use and I don't even have time to read the newspaper. Good luck to you!