What Day Is It?

I was gearing up to write my Tightwad Tuesday post and I realized it's Monday.
Should I start freaking out about not knowing the day of the week? I've always been fuzzy on the actual date, but the day of the week? This is not good.
You think with the amount of time I spend online (way too much) I would have some inkling. But then again, do I read the news? Not much. Unless you count Perez Hilton, and he doesn't usually talk too much about what day it is.
Bejeweled isn't much help either. I am still obsessed with that mind numbing game. I literally can't stop. It's quite possible trying to beat my high score will be the end of my sanity. What's left of it, that is.
The good news is that it IS Monday, and if B is able to get out of work fairly early, I get to go to a book signing tonight.
I'm excited to be getting out of the house, natch, but I'm double excited because I'm going to see Heather Armstrong, who writes over at Dooce. She's pretty much my idol as she supports her entire family by writing a blog. WHAT?! I'm totally jealous. I'm turning green.
Wish me luck that I get out of here on time! I'll write all about it should I get to go.
And I'll write all about it if I DON'T. But that won't be a happy post. Not at all.


Andrea said...

Hmmm... I wonder what she is like IRL... hope you make it!

Jenn said...

I am so jealous! If I didn't have Matt's work dinner tonight I would have been driving all the way down to go to her reading/signing too! I pre-ordered her book from Amazon many months ago and was SOOOOO excited when it came last week. It is hilarious!

Heather D said...

Jenn - I'm retarded. I just checked and it's tomorrow...