Meet & Greet

I met someone.
Now before you go and jump to conclusions, it's not what you may think.

I met a mom. In our neighborhood. Until two days ago I thought we were the youngest people in our hood by, say, thirty years. We are surrounded by people my parent's age.
A few days ago I packed up G for a quick walk before what looked like imminent rain (imagine that!). It was about 3 pm and I went into a little cul de sac I don't usually turn down.
Well, let me tell you, I think I was meant to take that turn. Because lo and behold, there was a mom out in her front yard with two children under three.
I said 'Hi!', not really expecting more than a hi back. But she started chatting with me. I learned that her son is only a few months older than G, and that there are three other families in that cul de sac with toddlers.
WHAT?! How did I miss this little domestic hamlet? Oh yeah, I was at work...
Anyhow, she told me to stop by and when we're out again. She was so nice.
Is it weird that I'm nervous? I'm not great at meeting new people, especially so randomly. Do I just show up over there? Do I take baked goods? This is all unfamiliar territory for me. I mean, the only times I've spoken with my immediate neighbors is when our dogs escaped and ate their expensive Japanese maples (which were already dying, I might add).
I'm hoping this is an opportunity to make some new friends. I think it would really help to have friendly faces close by and other kiddos for G to play with - don't get me wrong, I love spending so much time with G, but I think he gets bored with me. And seriously, sometimes I'm dying for adult conversation.
Anybody out there have any tips for making this less awkward? What would a non-neurotic person do?


Andrea said...

Fun! Let me know how it goes. I am curious about the whole "how to meet people" thing as well...

Money Jenny said...

Hmmm...I hate meeting people, too. After the appropriate amount of time goes by (say a few days to a week), go back by and see if she wants to meet you or walk with you to the park (or wherever) with the kids at a specific time in the near future. That way you won't put her on the spot for that moment and if she really squirms on the future date, you'll know she thinks you and your kid are losers and you should just bag it. :)

megant599 said...

I say just keep taking walks and put her cul-d-sac on your route. Think of it as doing it for G to end up with some local playmates. Maybe invite them to meet you at the park near your place. And besides, you'll want a few more short term interactions before committing to baked goods:) (in case she's weird or something!)