Bejeweled Intervention

I haven't been here for a few days and it's not my fault.
It's Bejewled's fault.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're one of the lucky ones. It has taken over my life.
It all started the other day when I was on Facebook and a couple of my friends had status updates about Bejeweled causing them neck strain. I had to check it out. I'm stupid like that.
Bejeweled is a lot like Bubble Breaker or kind of like Tetris. For me, addictive.
I think I've always been a bit obsessive about video games. If something pulls me in, I can play for hours and hours. I had a Sims compulsion for a good part of my early twenties. I had not only the basic game, but also Sims College and then I'd go online and buy extra items to furnish my Sim's abodes. I'd spend an entire Saturday directing my Sims characters about their lives while I sat in my jammies all day. I would accomplish nothing in real life, but my characters would be married, with three kids in a mega mansion by the end of the day.
When I was in seventh or eighth grade, it was Tetris on the Sega Game Gear. It was my little brother's Sega and I would hijack it every time we had a long drive. I could play for hours. I distinctly remember a conversation with my girlfriend Megan about how we'd think about Tetris during homeroom, imagining how different things would fit into each other - such as, would the teachers bald pate fit into a garbage can. Something like that.
So now it's come to this - gaming on Facebook. Facebook is already the biggest time suck EVER. Now, add in the Bejeweled aspect and I'm screwed. Today I was talking out loud to myself. Just one more game. Just one more, maybe I can beat my high score.
This went on for two hours (during naptime).
I played so long last night that I had a headache from clenching my teeth.
Why can't I do these things in moderation - like a normal person?
Somebody help me!


Andrea said...

OK. I will not start that. And, I think we should have put that bald head in a garbage can. It would have fit perfectly.

Heather D said...

I think we inflicted enough damage, I heard he had a nervous breakdown a few years later. Got to love junior high kids!

megant599 said...

Ha HA!! I was on "the book" the other day and saw that you were playing bejeweled. I almost clicked over to it but resisted. The pull is strong but I have to stay away. I too have the disease...yahoo games is an evil invention because once you tire of a game, there are a hundred more you can try!

megant599 said...

And do you remember a certain "journal" entry about sheep???

Heather D said...

Uhhhmmm. Was that the one that got Bethany sent to the principals office for being a Satanist?