Mini Rock Stars

I'm a little late to the Rock Band party, but tonight I played it for the first time with my niece and nephew. They stuck me on drums - probably better than listening to me sing.
My niece, K, is 6 1/2, stuck right in the middle of the Hannah Montana/High School Musical Juggernaut. She's cute as a button and miniature. She can still fit into 18 month skirts, though they are a bit obscene.
P, the nephew, is 11, and is entering the 'my family is embarrassing' stage. And we all know it's all going to get worse from here. We will all be hideously uncool in his eyes for at least 7 more years.
But, to my great surprise, they both tolerated their dorky aunt playing in the band.
P took the the guitar, and started in on the trash talk - he informed me he'd be playing at the hard level. But I should start at easy. Always nice to be put in your place by a preteen.
K was our singer. For a six year old, the kid's got swagger. She took her place at the front and started immediately on the tush wiggling.
First song, P's choice: Hungry Like the Wolf. Nothing like a little Duran Duran (I love you Simon LeBon!) to get things started. I tried desperately to keep up, but that drums on that song are not easy! I pretended to know what I was doing and even tried to do a few spins with the stick. Yes, I'm a dork.
Next song, the classic, Eye of the Tiger. Now, this was a song I could handle. Basic beat, nothing fancy. I was starting to get the hang of this!
And finally, the last song, a surprising choice for a couple of kids - Man in the Box by Alice in Chains. I love Alice in Chains, they're probably one of my favorite (don't slap me for saying this) grunge bands. But they're a little dark for little kids - or so I thought.
K struts up to the tv and starts - woaah oh oh woooah oh oh oh, oh oh oh. Or something like that. Luckily the lyrics were cleaned up a bit - there are a few naughty words.
And then the chorus - FEEEED MY EYES, JEEEESSSSUUSSS CHRIIIIST! Oh. My. Goodness. I could have died.
We made it through the song, and then it happened. P struck the final chord and K jumped up in the air, did a scissor kick and landed in the splits.
I think we're in trouble.

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