My Child, the Genius

Yesterday during bath time I noticed G kept on pointing at my nose and saying 'NOOOO. Noooo.' Since his new favorite word is 'no', I thought maybe he had a problem with my nose. Like it needed to get off my face. But then it dawned on me - is he trying to say nose?
Then I asked him to point at mommy's eyes - which he did. Actually, it was more like stabbing at my eyes with his little chubby fingers. A fluke? Maybe. But then I said 'G, where are mommy's lips?" and he fishhooked me (if you are not familiar with this move, it's the index finger curled like a hook, inserted into an unsuspecting victim's mouth and yanked, hard)! I was so proud!
When B came home, I tried to show him G's new trick, but the little stinker was uncooperative. Big surprise there.
On another note, something not so intelligent, my son has discovered his gag reflex and takes great pleasure in ramming his fingers (or entire hand) down his throat, sometimes to the point of vomiting. Then he laughs maniacally.
Lovely! My son is bulimic at thirteen months. You know this will be on Discovery Health.

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