To Do

These last two days have been an odd mix of frenetic organizing and laying catatonic on the couch. As I write that it sounds as if I'm manic - I'm not, I promise! I can happily say my bursts of energetic go-get-em-ness have been quite fruitful. I've cleaned, done laundry, made lots of doctors appointments all to take place BEFORE the insurance runs out. I did and filed the taxes and oh yeah, filed for unemployment. Weird. It's scarily simple. Though I've heard to keep it going you must apply for several jobs weekly. Sounds delightful.
All this catch up is keeping me sane for now. But I know I will eventually need to come up with other distractions. Yes, I have G. He is a very fun distraction. The problem is I tend towards cabin fever and quickly. I've been trying to come up with fun things to do with a very loud toddler in tow.
We've tried the park. It was fun, until we left. Holy tantrum, Batman! G screamed all the way home (a good mile or so). I'm sure passersby thought I was kidnapping him. I am not discouraged though, we will try the park again, but on a day that is warmer and I can handle G eating all the little pieces of bark in the playground.
So I have the park, and am going to try to find some good swimming lessons for G, and possibly some music lessons if they aren't completely cost prohibitive. I have ideas for G. But for me?
Well, I want to learn to sew. I have a machine, albeit old, that I think I may drag out. I don't know what I'm going to sew, but I figure now is a great time to learn.
Another thing: a vegetable garden. I think I can put one on the side of our house. There is enough sun and the dogs can't destroy it there. Some beans, some carrots - nothing too complicated.
That's my personal to-do list so far. Any other ideas? I've got all the time in the world...once G is down for a nap.


Money Jenny said...

Hook up with me for sewing ideas. Maybe start by making your own reusable shopping bags? Pretty user-friendly and it's a practical project. I know, I know...maybe you won't be doing a lot of shopping, but you'll still have to get the occasional loaf of bread.

Oil your machine in all the hingy-little places you're supposed to before you jump in.

No cheap thread and replace your machine needle every couple of projects if not sooner.

Andrea said...

That sounds like a lot! See if there is some sort of Edmonds' moms group. check out yahoo groups. I know Lynnwood has one...

megant599 said...

Exercise is the thing I always say I'd do if I had more time. When I was unemployed I still had a hard time getting to workout, but with a jogger stroller you and G can both get some fresh air, you sexy hot-ass momma!