I hate utility companies/internet, phone & television providers/credit card companies. I don't understand why they feel it's okay to for me to pay them exorbitant rates for mediocre service and then waste hours of my time on the phone.

Case in point - last December we signed up for satellite service. I won't name names, but they're pretty well known. They were advertising a great rate - 29.99 a month for 12 months. Not bad.

So today I get a bill for 132.00. WHAT THE $*%&#*?! I figured out part of it was from last month's bill, which I thought I'd paid through autopay. I promptly paid that $41.00 and then got on the phone. I was calm and figured it was just a billing mistake.

Forty-five minutes and three customer services representatives later, I learned that I could only get that rate if I filled out an online form within 60 days of starting service. Which was three days ago. And no, they simply couldn't fix my account retroactively.

Let's just say I wasn't very nice. And the matter has now been escalated to some sort of committee who will decide the fate of my satellite rate. And by the way, I can't cancel without some sort of major fee. Like I said - #*&@#@!!!!!

Maybe what these companies should understand about me is that I do not take no for an answer and I will fight them till I get what I want. I have taken a few phone companies and a car dealership to the Better Business Bureau and won. Seriously, I worked with attorneys for nearly eight years. Some of that bullheadedness is bound to wear off. And now that I'm unemployed, I've got all the time in the world (well, not really, but I've got enough to be really obnoxious).

So watch out major satellite provider. I will get my promotional rate. OH YES. IT WILL BE MINE.

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