Little Good Things

Today could have been a very bad day.
But somehow, it turned out just fine.
The day started out a little shaky. B had been out by the natural gas meter on the side of the house and smelled gas. We knew that we needed to get it checked out, but I was convinced that the gas company would somehow charge us some 'emergency' fee. With dread, I called the gas leak hot line and explained that it was probably not a big deal, it was probably just a tiny leak. The friendly, competent woman I spoke with assured me someone would be out shortly and there would be no charge. And that all gas leaks were a big deal.
While I was on the phone, I heard Carl (our big dumb golden retreiver) whining at the back door. I went to the sliding door and opened it, shushing Carl - George was down for a nap. Then I noticed something strange. Sadie, our very needy husky mix, wasn't crawling over Carl to get to me. I called her. Nothing. I called her again. Same. I went to the side of the house and the side gate was open. I knew for certain the gate was shut because I had been on that side of the house earlier sniffing for gas. So, my creepily intelligent dog had opened the gate on her own.
I tried to stay calm, but she has escaped before and ended up down in doggie jail, requiring a $75 bailout. I closed the gate so Carl couldn't escape (why he didn't before I'm not sure) and went out to the front.
"Saaaa-dieeeee! Here Sadie, come on Sadie!" How embarrassing. And she was nowhere to be found. I tried to sound as inviting as possible, I knew she wouldn't come back if she felt my voice was even a little bit threatening. I called for about five minutes. Still no Sadie. Then I decided to call Carl instead. Sadie can not handle Carl getting attention. It's her kryptonite.
"Caaaarl! Car ride, Carl."
Sadie reappeared, galloping up the road at record speed.
I was nice to her, and didn't even scold. I was just happy she was back and not in the back of the animal control van or smashed on the road somewhere.
So, back to the gas company. Sure enough, less than an hour later two guys showed up and there was definitely a leak. They fixed it quickly and even came in the house to restart my furnace and hot water heater. And they again assured me there would be no charge. I'm still in disbelief.
Another highlight? I discovered the business Costco just down the road. It's much closer to our house than the regular Costco and doesn't have all the tempting books, movies, kids clothes, et cetera. Much easier to get out without overspending.
As I write this I realize I sound INCREDIBLY LAME. But seriously, it's probably one of the better days I've had in a while. So I'll take it at face value. And hope the gas company doesn't send a surprise bill.

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