Bits n' Pieces

First off, the local news, they weren't lying. I took this photo yesterday at about noon in the Costco parking lot.

And I took this as we were entering Costco...let the hoarding begin!

The best part (insert sarcasm here)? I went on Craigslist and people were selling fans at double retail price. It's so heartwarming. I guess they can just deal with their bad karma later. Like when they need chains next time it snows, I hope there are NONE LEFT.


Clearly I'm a little hot and testy.

Let's talk about some nice stuff, shall we? Stuff I'm liking.


- Out and About With Kids in Seattle. I picked this up yesterday and already have a huge list of thing to do and places to visit. Concisely written, with great parent tips. I think there is one for Portland, Oregon as well.

- California Baby Bubble Bath. I claim to buy this for the kiddo (and he does use it), but I love it for me too! We are using Light & Happy (citrus and aloe) right now, but I also adore I Love You (ylang ylang, lavender and sweet orange) and Overtired & Cranky (citrus and chamomile).

- Fresh Tomatoes and Blueberries. No links here. Just YUM. Okay, one link. These Blueberry Sweet Rolls with Vanilla Glaze from Food Blogga. Are you kidding me? Heavenly.

- Jenny's Grilled Cheese. My friend Jenny entered this recipe into a Sunset Magazine contest and won! She is one of the best cooks I know, and this sandwich looks amazing. Onion marmalade? Drool.

- H Mart. The most fun I've had shopping for groceries since I discovered Trader Joe's. Beautiful everyday and exotic produce, impeccably displayed. Every Asian ingredient imaginable. Did I mention it was cheap? Yeah, there's that too. I walked out with three huge bags of produce for under $20.

- The Container Store. The Type A Mecca. I would buy everything in the store if I could. But, for now, I'm concentrating on my pantry. I found these great storage containers, which are a fraction of the price of my Tupperware. I love Tupperware, but could it cost more? The answer is NO.

- When You Are Engulfed in Flames. Few authors make me laugh out loud like David Sedaris. I'm a big fan of the personal essay, and he is the master. This is his latest, though it came out last summer. The paperback edition just came out this June...so that's why I just bought it. Yeah, I'm cheap...ahem...frugal.

- The Essential Michael Jackson. Like many, I got kind of nostalgic for MJ upon learning of his death. Then I couldn't find any of my old albums. Luckily, this collection has absolutely everything, starting with Jackson 5.

- Tacky Weddings blog. Dear Lord. That is all.

What are you groovin' on?

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Melissa said...

I'll tell you what I love - www.awkwardfamilyphotos.com. Have you seen this site? It cracks me up!