Nothing new around here.

Except I have a pinched nerve in my back. And it hurts like a bitch.

How did it happen? I don't know. I was sleeping.

Yes. I injure myself as I sleep. It's ridiculous. I've never had an injury caused by actually doing something cool. Like mountain climbing. Or taking a hard hit during a soccer game.

In high school I would sprain my ankles during basketball practice. Never during the game when you got the glory. Okay, I was never actually in the GAME that much anyway. I pretty much sucked. I just rode the pine wearing aircasts on both ankles. But, on the bright side, I could do full makeup during the game and not sweat it off. So at least I was cute on the bench.

Someday I'll get injured doing something daredevil. But for now, I'll continue falling/slipping/tripping with absolutely no glory.


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