The H Is O

Please excuse my dorky SNL references. And the redundancy.

But dude...THE HEAT IS ON.

And I want to thank the local news station for clarifying that 101 degrees is VERY HOT. I wasn't too sure.

Today we are going to be squatting either at the mall or the grocery store. Oh! Or at Costco, in their big walk in fridge. Perhaps we'll buy another fan and maybe some popsicles if they haven't all sold out. That's what happens around here. Any major weather event and you'd think it's Armageddon.

I bet the ice cream truck is making a KILLING this week.


Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

I also like that on Friday it shows 92 degrees as a "little cooler". Nice. Costco is a great idea!

Ann said...

We down in the heart of Texas jsut come to expect those kinds of temperatures...but we ALL have AC and use it CONSTANTLY once April/May arrive and don't turn it off till October...I feel your pain and hope you found some fun AIR CONDITIONED activities for the day!

april said...

I'll trade you the muggy, rainy weather for the heat!!