What The?

I'm not even going to get mad this week, because OHMYLORD, this is ridiculous.

How, HOW, do you gain 3.1 pounds in one week? HOW? Did I eat rocks? Not that I can recall.

Adding to my frustration, it was a holiday weekend, and I did not indulge. When we had strawberry shortcake, I only ate strawberries. I watched portion sizes. I tried not to eat dinner as late and ate lots of fruit and veg.

I exercised. Oh, did I exercise. Six out of seven days.

So, really, what gives?

Rant over, now to numbers.

Starting Weight: 178.8
Last Weeks Weight: 175.5
Today's Weight: 178.6

Almost back to where I started. So not cool.

Okay, regrouping, deep breaths. I will not destroy my scale. Repeat. I WILL NOT DESTROY MY SCALE.

Clearly, the best option is to keep on eating healthy and exercising. So I will.

Though it's tempting to hit the drive thru when those are the weeks that the weight comes off.


Oh yeah, GOTEAMBLUE. Hope you ladies did better than I did this week!


Brooke said...

how frustrating! i'm sure the drive through is very tempting, but despite your weight eating healthy is very important.

trust me, that's the only encouragement I have (been there too many times)

Anonymous said...

Heather -- I can so understand your frustration. I hate it when I do all the right things, and the scale still tells bald-faced lies, right to my face!

Keep doing what you're doing. You know you're doing it right. GO BLUE!

Melissa said...

You must be SO frustrated - I'm sorry. I'm in the same boat. You would think that with all this exercise and running, that I too would see the scale going down. I've also been watching what I eat, but guess what, the same thing is happening to me. I'd like to remember that muscle weighs more than fat, but I still want the scale to go down after working harder than I have in a LONG time. Hang in there. I'm thinking that our bodies are still trying to figure out what we're trying to do to them. Maybe they're hanging on to the extra stuff to use for fuel for all of our exercise. Eventually our bodies will know that we're serious and we're ready to shed the weight. Know that you're not alone. Let's just keep going!

april said...

You're right. The answer is to keep it up. Sometimes our bodies go, "whoa, hold on just a second, let's think about this." And then it'll adapt, see that what you're doing is good for it, and you'll see results. I promise!

I know you can do it!!

Prairie Lady said...

Girl measure with a measuring tape. You probably losing inches.

Ann said...

Heather we all have weeks like that! It's probably cuz you exercised and ate right, so you built up a bunch of muscle mass! Continue what you are doing and the numbers on the scale will cooperate!