Step in the Right Direction

I exercised hard this week, and it paid off. This morning I stepped on the scale and didn't feel the urgent need to hurl it out of the window.

I'm down. Another 1.3 pounds. Happy dance!

Starting Weight: 178.8
Last Week's Weight: 176.8
This Week's Weight: 175.5

As usual, I didn't make the BEST food choices this week. There was a hamburger (or two). Some red wine. A piece of chocolate cake. Maybe a smidgen of ice cream.

So, perhaps I'm lucky this week. But I have to say, it was no where like the binging that went on last week. I managed a little moderation.

And the Wii Active and C25K have helped me out of my exercise doldrums. I like the Wii Fit, but most of the time I don't feel like I've had a good workout afterwards - but with the Active, I'm sweating, I'm sore. It's definitely challenging. Don't even get me started on the in line skating. Squat, jump, squat, jump! Owie.

One last thing, I mentioned a few weeks back I was reading Master Your Metabolism (Jillian Michaels). Well, I finished. I keep asking myself, is the diet do-able? While I am drawn to the idea of clean eating, I'm not totally excited about doing the two week plan by myself. Because I know my husband will not put up with a steady diet of quinoa, spinach and organic chicken.

There is a list in the back of the book with a list of groceries to eat two weeks on the plan. I'm in serious contemplation. All I know is, I need to get my exercise in a good place before I attempt to survive on the 1400 or so calories recommended for someone my size to lose weight. Starvation!! Plus, the kinds of foods necessary are not cheap - eating all organic is pricey. Seriously.

So, that one's on the table for the moment. Anyone tried it?




Brooke said...

if you try it, let us know how it goes. i'm trying to clean my meals up a little at a time. i know its better for me, but i'm still not 100% sold.

congrats on the weight loss!! :)

Anonymous said...

Great job! And good for you signing up for the race in September. Go BLUE!

Melissa said...

Yay! Congrats on a good week. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, inline skating can kiss my grits...

Congrats on the loss, GO BLUE!

Ann said...

I'm a VERY picky eater, so following ANYONE's diet plan usually won't work for me so I have given up trying. I just try to eat lots of chicken, fiber, and fruits and veggies and that seems to work best for me. Summer is easy for the fruits and veggies since they are in abundance!

Way to go on the weight loss....all that hard work has definitely paid off. I can't wait to buy the Wii Active game. I'm guessing it will give me another boost to my exercise routine.

april said...

I eat mostly organic all the time. It runs me about $40 a week for just me.

I actually like organic foods better. What does the diet plan look like? I'll do it with you...

The Mama - aka Heather said...

April, I'll see if I can locate the list/recipes online. It's all in the back of the book. But mostly focuses on clean eating, organic everything. Which in turn is supposed to balance out your hormones, thus boosting your metabolism.