And Facebook Ruins Yet Another Surprise Announcement

We introduced my father-in-law to Facebook about a month back. He seems to be enjoying it, but not until a few days ago did we realize how dangerous he could be with it.

Okay, not dangerous. Maybe just a little reckless with 'news.'

I'm driving home from Vancouver on Friday, and I get a call from B. We chat for a few minutes and then:

B: "So I accepted Dad on Facebook today. Interesting status update."

ME: "Hmmmmmm?" (I was illegally driving and talking on my phone. I know.)

B: "So either you haven't told me something or R (his younger half-sister) is pregnant."

ME (perking up): "What?!"

B: "Well it said 'Just found out I am expecting grandbaby number 4'. I know J (older sister) can't get pregnant anymore, at least with I (her husband), and I figured you'd tell me first..."

ME: "Really? It says that?"

B: "Yeah, unless I'm interpreting it wrong."

ME: "Uh, I think that's pretty obvious."

So I get home and get on Facebook, just dying. And it says what he told me. Verbatim.

Fast forward to yesterday. We were already planning on going to B's Dad and Step mom's for a barbecue. We both wondered if they would announce anything then? Should we say anything? What if the Facebook announcement was the extent of the formal announcement?

We're there about five minutes and I'm looking R over, trying to see any telltale signs of impending baby. Like the unconscious belly rub or the more obvious 'green around the gills'. And nothing. Damn.

Finally, B's Stepmom says to R: "Are you going to tell them or should I?"

And thus, it was confirmed that come next January-ish, we will have another niece or nephew.

I couldn't help it. I mentioned the status update.

At this point B's dad comes outside and hears our conversation and turns red.

"I thought you guys already knew!"



Zakary said...

Older people and technology are a dangerous thing! It's kinda funny though!

april said...

If my parents get on facebook, I may just quit altogether. I already avoid it at all cost because of some of my family that's out there!

That is kind of like when my brother found out he was going to be a daddy. He told our cousin who has the biggest mouth in the family. Within a day, the whole family knew. ;o)

Cate said...

Oh too funny! I tend to forget my status update until it gets quoted back to me at some point.