Cheaper Than Therapy.

Today was good. Truly.

I took G for his first official haircut. Went swimmingly until the clippers came out. Then he dissolved into tears. It was heartbreaking! I made it up to him by buying him a cute toy from a toy shop next door.

I'm all about the bribes.

I went for a run, with the dog instead of the child. Running is harder with the dog. I nearly killed myself tripping over her as she seems to think it is helpful to wrap the leash around my legs as I'm running. How should I word her ad in Craigslist...JUST KIDDING (B would kill me).

I even got a bath. For a whole hour, with a magazine. Bliss.

But despite all that, I have this dark fog looming around me that I can't seem to kick. I'll be okay for a hour or two, then I'll start, you know, thinking, analyzing, worrying, and it all rushes back.

And it sucks. I don't quite know where it's coming from, but I'm not liking this one bit.

I've always been a downer. Not my best quality. I mean, I developed an ULCER at the age of 10 from all the worrying I used to do. No, really. An ulcer. Not cool.

So, I'm starting to not just feel gloomy, but now I'm getting pissed off as well. Why can't I just enjoy life as it happens, AS IT IS?

My best guess for now is that I need to find some productive things to do with my time. Spend less time on Facebook. More time outside with G. More time doing things to make life better for other people. Because, in the grand scheme of things, I am fine. I AM WONDERFUL. I have nothing, NOTHING to complain about.

Except for hugest hangnail EVER that is now bleeding. Lovely.


laurieliz said...

Hi, I know how you feel. Have you ever heard the phrase, "what you focus on expands?" I just heard it again the other day and it finally truly hit me. I've had an amazing couple of days focusing on all the good in my life (trust- this is not something I usually do!) I don't know, something inside clicked when I heard that phrase-maybe it will for you too! Have a great day!

The Mama - aka Heather said...

That is a great phrase. Totally going to use that - good way to focus on the positive!
Thank you :)