Hear that?

That's my right foot, stomping. I'm having a tantrum.

Why? Because, that's why.

You ever have days where you feel like you're twelve again (or somewhere in that pubescent range)? I am SO there today.

I won't go into too much detail, but I'm having major anxiety over an event that is going down this weekend. One that almost all of my friends are invited to and I'm not. In reality, it's not a big deal. Like, really, no big thing at all. But today, I am totally regressing. I'm the girl who nobody is asking to dance.

I feel like I want to crawl under the covers and listen to 'More Than Words' on repeat. Eat a cheesecake. Call up a friend and gossip and pretend like we don't care that we were LEFT OUT.

The only thing that's helped today is playing with G. He always makes me feel better. He's my drug.

And after he goes to bed, I'm getting down with the whine ... I mean wine.


Andrea said...

Being left out sucks. Almost as bad as complaining about not getting invited and then getting invited. The pity, "oops I got caught" invite. I hate those.

But, let's just be honest. You were the cool kid. Everyone wanted to dance with you.

The Mama - aka Heather said...

Yeah, the oops I got caught are the WORST.
No worries. I'm just super freaking crabby today.
I still feel awkward and 12. When does that go away. Please tell me it does at some point!

Ann said...

I don't think that feeling EVER goes away....some days are just better than others! Hope you find something just as fun or BETTER to do this weekend with G to take your mind off it. Playing with and watching little ones always put a smile on your face! I think that's why God gives us babies!!

Melissa said...

That does suck. I've definitely been in that position before, and I hate it when those insecure feelings from the awkward middle school years creep back. I've also had the pity invite, which really sucks. To make a long story short, one time a friend went so far to create a whole new "fake" evite to include me after she didn't include me the first time. Even worse all of my "friends" accepted the evite and made comments pretending like this was the first time they had heard about her party. Needless to say, I figured it out and we're no longer friends. You definitely learn as you get older who your true friends are and who is important to keep in your life. It still hurts though. I know. We all want to be the one that everyone likes.