Some things just cannot be explained.

For instance, my body. It's freakin' mental. I seriously just don't get it. This week, I exercised less (but still got a few runs in), hurt my back and was less mobile, and ate some serious crap. Well, not crap, really. One of my friend's husbands is the pastry chef here. And we went to dinner at their house and he made BANANA COCONUT BREAD PUDDING. Yeah. Like I could pass that up.

Clearly, I should not have lost weight this week. But I did. Ummmm. Okay? What?

So, the numbers:

Starting Weight: 178.8
Last Week's Weight: 178.6
This Week's Weight: 177.9

I am just at a loss with how to proceed. I'm going to keep on running. I need to take a hard look at how I'm eating. Maybe too much sodium? Maybe eating too late in the day (I went to bed earlier this week on account of the back killing me)?

So, that's me for this week...




april said...

Losing weight is a puzzle. A annoying one. You just have to keep trying to figure it out! I know you will!! :o)

Ann said...

You did great... I think our bodies play tricks on us sometimes and just do weird things. Weight loss is a tricky thing. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't ---especially when we don't think about it much!
Keep tracking what you are doing and you'll figure it out! Keep up the good work!