Results (Kinda)

Final weigh in for Shrinking Days of Summer was today.

It was bittersweet. Yes, I lost a little weight and a few inches. This is good. But it's not AS MUCH as I was hoping for. I was hoping the team thing would work a little better.

But then I realized it DID work, in that I had all the support in the world. A virtual ear when days were tough. If I reached out, someone always responded with a word of encouragement. ALWAYS.

So, while the scale may be fighting me for each pound, I have also gained something truly wonderful, a great support system.

Thanks ladies - you're the BOMB.

So, final numbers:

Starting Weight:178.8
Last Week's Weight: 177.9
Today's Weight: 177

And, I also did my measurements:

Bust: So not telling. I am still breastfeeding so I assume they will deflate at some point and then I will miss them. But seriously, over the big boobs. Totally overrated.

Start: 35"
End: 33"

Start: 42"
End: 41"

I have decided to ditch the Weight Watchers Online. I seem to have a mental block against it. I have gone on and off of WW so many times over the years, I need a change. I am looking into Spark People, it is free, and one of my girlfriends is trying it right now. I'll let you know what I think as soon as I have a chance to dig in and have a look.

And, I am still running. I'm on week 4 of the C25K and it's going well. Not just well, great. The workouts are challenging and I can feel my endurance building. Love that.

So, the journey continues. I have a little over four months before I go to Kauai, and though I know I won't be wearing a bikini, I would like to put on a bathing suit sans a t-shirt and shorts over the top.

I want a tan!


Brooke said...

great job losing inches as well as weight! :)

doing the c2k5 program i always thought there was no way i could complete the distance for the next week...but i always did.

keep up the good work! (and enjoy your trip!)

Melissa said...

Keep up the good work and results will continue to follow!!

Anonymous said...

YAY!! The first two paragraphs had me a little nervous...I'm glad we didn't fail you!

Congrats on the loss overall (pounds and inches)!

Anonymous said...

Great job, Heather! I agree, the support throughout this challenge has been wonderful.

Congrats on the inches lost -- they speak more loudly and more accurately than the scale some weeks. I must remember to take my measurements in time for the next challenge.

Way to go!