You Know That Old Camera?

I had to pull out my older than dirt camera (well, for an electronic, its old) a few days ago. I took a bunch of shots, and then plugged it in to my computer.

And there were photos from three years ago that I'd totally forgotten about. It's kind of like back in the day when we used film? And found an old roll?

Like a little time capsule, a present.

Unfortunately, it looks like my camera was dropping acid back in 2006. For instance, I can't even begin to figure out what this is:

If you squint for this next one, you can see our dog, Carl, and out cat, Violet, who is actually sitting with me. She did this for the first week after she came to live with us, and hasn't let us touch her since. Except when she was in heat, and that was just gross. GROSS. There is nothing more annoying/disgusting than a cat in heat. And yes, Bob Barker, she is now fixed. The end.

This one is from my high school reunion. All these children are now in high school I think (okay, maybe grade school). Too bad you can hardly tell they have faces...

But then, lo and behold. The one photo that turned out. It is pristine. Do you know who this is?

Yes, it is Mr. Horror himself, Stephen King. And someone who is giving me the stink eye for taking a photo in the background. Awesome.

He did a book signing at my former employer. They used to have stuff like this all the time. During work hours. Back in the glory days.

Not excessive or a distraction or anything...and they were surprised when they had to lay off half the company?

Ahem. Memories...

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Mendie said...

Thats awesome you saw Stephen King...well worth the stink eye...and I have no idea what the first one is of!