Don't You Forget About Me (RIP John Huges)

At first I wasn't going to write anything about the passing of John Hughes. But then I got to thinking about all of his films, how so many made such a huge impression on me as a child and young adult.

I had to write something. So write, I did.

Things I Learned From John Hughes.

- The good guy doesn't ALWAYS get the girl. The hot guy does. At least in high school.

Even if he does a mean Otis Redding impression.

- Men, though semi-retarded at first, can in fact nurture and care for children.

- John Candy was amazing. Uncle Buck, Trains Planes and Automobiles, The Great Outdoors...seriously. I mean, who could not help but laugh when he was on screen? Pure genius.

- Being a computer nerd will pay off. This was absolutely VISIONARY. Geeks everywhere rejoiced in Gary and Wyatt showering with Lisa, turning Chet into a pile of crap, and in the end, getting the girls.

- Many HAVE tried, many WILL try, but, no one will ever...EVER...be as cool as Ferris Bueller.

- That some moments are just that much better with a great song and life truly deserves a soundtrack.

I'm not kidding, hearing this song right now still gives me chills (and I'm loving the fact the dialog is dubbed in Spanish - got to love You Tube).

I heart you Jake Ryan.

- Quirky is beautiful. Yes, Molly Ringwald is gorgeous, but not the conventional California beach blonde with huge boobs beautiful. Thank you John Hughes for showing us that a 'normal' girl can be the object of affection.

I could really go on and on, but let's leave it at this:

Thank you John Hughes, for all the laughs and tears. You were truly an American icon.

For more on John Hughes, go over to Shindig and read Zakary's tribute/commentary on the twilight of our youth, and also this moving post from a girl who was lucky enough to have John Hughes as a pen pal.

Tonight, it's a John Hughes marathon for me. I'm starting with Sixteen Candles, it's my favorite.

What's yours? Comment below!

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