Take Me With...

My husband is going to Chicago for work next week. For four days. Four whole days with air conditioning and a hotel room all to himself. I'm not jealous or anything.

Okay, I'm crazy jealous. I want to go. I've been wanting to visit Chicago for a long time.

He's not enthused (he's not big on traveling), but keeps asking me why I'm so interested.

Truthfully, most places I want to go, it has to do with the food. I will never want to travel somewhere that does not have good food. But this is hard to explain to someone who I sincerely believe was born without taste buds. And is skinny. You can't explain wanting to travel to a city simply to have a culinary experience to someone who lives on a solid diet of frozen pizza (dairy), Sunchips (grains), fish sticks (protein) and Starburst (fruit).

Chicago is no different. But I also want to see all the architecture. I want to experience the city. My interest in Chicago started with the book Devil in the White City (if you haven't read it, I highly recommend it - absolutely fascinating).

For now, I have to live vicariously through my husband. Did I mention they're near Navy Pier?


I had better at least get a souvenir. Preferable some Chicago Deep Dish. They'll Fed Ex that, right?


april said...

I loved Chicago and its pizza!!

Money Jenny said...

I'm getting ready to make some My Pie. I'll make an extra for ya. It's as close to Chicago deep dish as you'll get around here. I'm thinking about marketing it anyway, and you could be a mini test market for me. Pepperoni, peperoncini?