B has been in Chicago since Sunday morning, and I am wiped out. He's gone till Thursday night, or maybe even early, early Friday morning, depending on flight delays. Last time he was out of town, I jam packed our days with visits and outings. This time, I thought we'd just lay low at home.

I think being as busy as possible was better. Because it makes the time go faster. And breaks up the monotony of meal, play, read, meal, play, nap, snack, play, TV, meal, play, bath, read, bed. It's like Groundhog day around here.

Tomorrow, we're going somewhere. Anywhere. Well, not anywhere - somewhere G approved so I don't have a repeat of the grocery store incident the other day. The one where he chucked his toy car at some unamused lady's head. Oops.

On a positive note, I have been super busy with that cool thing I can tell you about tomorrow. Almost there!

So, I've made myself a cup of tea, and I'm going to watch St. Elmo's Fire. Okay, realistically watch it for ten minutes before I pass out on the couch.

Titillating, I know.


Mendie said...

Can't wait to hear the surprise news!

Anonymous said...