I have to admit, I'm addicted.

When I can't do it every single day, I feel like I'm slipping, unproductive, losing any edge I may have gained.

I lie in bed and think about it. I think about it when I'm driving.

You're probably thinking I'm talking about food. And if you think that, you're probably right. Or you're thinking something else.

Pull yourself on up out of the gutter, like, NOW.

I'm talking about blogging. Even if I have nothing interesting to say (which is pretty much ALWAYS), I am compelled to the glowing screen.

Write something, it beckons. Anything.

Sometimes it tells me to write about something funny. Like poop. Cause admit it, poop is always funny. Just say it aloud - you'll laugh. I promise. All together now... POOP.

Very rarely, I'll write about something socially conscious or serious. Did I say rarely? It takes quite a lot to get me fired up enough to write about something truly controversial.

Do I have opinions? Um, that's a resounding yes. But I'm still a little shy and don't want to be yelled at over my blog. I'll save that for later. So I pretty much complain about things that won't offend. Too much.

Some days I want to blog about people in my life...in a not very positive way. I'm not talking about my husband - I don't feel like I want to air our marriage out in public. But others, yes...and most of them - well, I'm pretty sure they don't read this. If they can even read, period. But I don't feel like taking that chance.

Will I outgrow this compulsion to write and push a button, propelling my verbal vomit out into the bloggy universe? Maybe,

But right now, I'm kind of obsessed.

If I could only get this passionate about exercise.


Andrea said...

Hey, you don't have to blog about anything controversial to be yelled at! After all, I got yelled at for taking children on an airplane!


Heather D said...

You laughed, I know it.
Hey, I was meaning to tell you, you know you're getting popular when you get hate comments...

april said...

I'm the same way. Always thinking of things to blog about!

*Lissa* said...

I KNOW! I actually bought a notebook and stuck it in my purse last week, so that I can write things down. ;p

Anonymous said...

I'm addicted as well, but face the conundrum of not wanting to expose everything to any given audience. I keep three separate blogs, so I can say all the things I want to say, but not offend/hurt/enrage the wrong people. Sometimes it's difficult to compartmentalize life like that, but I'm not quite willing to lay myself bare to the comments/criticism that airing it all might bring. I'm not quite that brave, just yet.

megant599 said...

Well, I'm addicted to reading it so keep writing:)