Classy, Defined...

B came home from Chicago late last night, and we were going through all the amazing photos he took as he regaled me with stories from his trip.

Of course, all I really wanted to hear about was the food.

The last night they were there, he said, they went to a 'really fancy restaurant'.

I asked him if he ordered a Long Island Iced Tea, because when he was actually in Long Island a few weeks back, he'd had plenty.

Yes, my husband is THAT guy. The one who orders Long Islands IN Long Island. He also said the servers did not make fun of him for ordering the Long Island in Long Island. Clearly, he has never worked in the restaurant industry. We used to make fun of people for trying to be fancy and ordering the pink wine.

After I asked about the Long Islands, the following conversation ensued:

Me: So, did you order a Long Island?

B: No, this place was way too classy to serve Long Islands.

Me: So what did you have?

B: A Sex on the Beach.

I laughed for like ten minutes straight. Because I never in a million years thought I'd hear the words 'classy' and 'sex on the beach' in the same sentence.

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Heather said...

hahaha! That is great!